Bug #5874

Coverity output for Ruby 1.9.3

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Assignee:Yusuke Endoh
ruby -v:ruby 1.9.3p0 (2011-10-30 revision 33570) [x86_64-linux] Backport:


Hi guys,
I'm not sure if you have access to Coverity [1], but I ran it on Ruby 1.9.3 and I just wanted to post the output here so you can go through it and maybe make some adjustments to make the code better.


[1] http://www.coverity.com/products/static-analysis.html

ruby-1.9.3.err (96.4 KB) Anonymous, 01/10/2012 08:03 PM


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Thank you for your reporting.

Fortunately, Coverity kindly provides us the daily analysis
results for Ruby [1]. IOW, some of Ruby developers have an
(indirect) access to Coverity Prevent.

[1] http://scan.coverity.com/rung2.html

I checked all the errors a few years ago. It was indeed
helpful us find some faults, though there were also many
false-positives (I don't mean to blame Prevent. They was
actually hard even for human to determine if each error is
false-positive or not)

Anyway, I attempted to vanish the errors. But I gave up.
This is becuase the update is once a day, which means I
could not check if my fix was actually effective or not
until the next day. It was too frustrating, at least, for

I'm thus closing this ticket as wontfix.
If you give us the report as a sequence of patchs, we will
really appreciate it :-)

Yusuke Endoh mame@tsg.ne.jp

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