Bug #7364

CGI::Cookie.parse can't deal with cookie options

Added by ryan dewhurst about 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Assignee:Takeyuki FUJIOKA
ruby -v:ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20 revision 35410) [x86_64-darwin10.8.0] Backport:


Reproducing steps; reproducing code is needed:


What you expected:

Cookie hash with cookie name as key and cookie object as value. The 'path' option within the cookie object, not as a cookie name.

What happened (If you have a error log, don't omit it.):

I got a hash with the 'path' option as a cookie name.



#1 Updated by Yusuke Endoh almost 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Open to Assigned
  • Assignee set to Takeyuki FUJIOKA
  • Target version changed from 1.9.3 to 2.0.0

I guess that CGI::Cookie::parse is a method for parsing ENV["HTTP_COOKIE"], not http response.

Anyway I'm assigning to xibbar, cgi.rb maintainer.

Yusuke Endoh mame@tsg.ne.jp

#2 Updated by Takeyuki FUJIOKA almost 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Rejected

I agree with mame-san.
In this case, I think CGI::Cookie::parse is out of role.

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