Bug #8758

Add initial documentation for SSLServer

Added by Rafał Lisowski 9 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

Assignee:Zachary Scott
Target version:-
ruby -v:2.0.0-p247 Backport:1.9.3: UNKNOWN, 2.0.0: UNKNOWN


In last few days I was struggling with SSLServer, so I decide to add some documentation to that class. Here is my first attempt to describe how use it.

0001-DOC-adding-basic-documentation-to-SSLServer.patch Magnifier (3.4 KB) Rafał Lisowski, 08/09/2013 08:55 AM


#1 Updated by Zachary Scott 8 months ago

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Feel free to assign doc patches to me, I love them!

#2 Updated by Zachary Scott 8 months ago

@lisukorin For #to_io I would say "..passed as the first argument to ::new"

I also think 'start_immediately' is implementation and should just be :nodoc:'d

Can you show me how to use your example in the overview? I tried a few ways to self-sign a cert, but none of them worked with your script.

Also, I think its "Secure Socket Layer", you have "Secure Sockets Layer" in the overview?

#3 Updated by Rafał Lisowski 8 months ago

Hi Zachary,
Sorry for late reply.
I agree with your remarks. I will try to provide more detaled instruction and new patch tomorrow.

#4 Updated by Rafał Lisowski 8 months ago

I took me a while (usually I use openssl to generate certs) but I create a Ruby Class which can be used to generate certs.
It's quite big. I am not sure if we should include it in documentation. You can see it here https://gist.github.com/korin/6423967#file-cert_generator-rb

#5 Updated by Zachary Scott 7 months ago

I'm going to skip the generator part, its a little verbose for my liking. Thank you for the patch, I will commit the other changes!

#6 Updated by Zachary Scott 7 months ago

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I have committed the changes in r42995 but missed the bug number on the commit :(

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