Bug #8861

segmentation fault with ruby-ldap

Added by Francesco Malvezzi about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status:Third Party's Issue
ruby -v:ruby 1.9.3p448 (2013-06-27 revision 41675) [i686-linux] Backport:1.9.3: UNKNOWN, 2.0.0: UNKNOWN


The following code is wrong as the fourth line should read: mod = LDAP::Mod.new(LDAP::LDAP_MOD_DELETE, "uid", ["uid=malvezzi"])

#encoding: utf-8

require 'ldap'
require 'ldap/ldif'

mod = LDAP::Mod.new(LDAP::LDAP_MOD_DELETE, ["uid"], ["uid=malvezzi"])
puts LDAP::LDIF.mods_to_ldif("uid=malvezzi,ou=people,dc=unimore,dc=it" , [ mod ])

However ruby should not end up with a segmentation fault. Please che attached file seg.txt. ruby-ldap version is ruby-ldap (0.9.15)

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seg.txt Magnifier (12.4 KB) Francesco Malvezzi, 09/04/2013 06:47 PM


#1 Updated by Kouhei Sutou about 2 years ago

  • Status changed from Open to Third Party's Issue

It is a ruby-ldap issue not Ruby itself. Please report it to ruby-ldap: https://github.com/alexey-chebotar/ruby-ldap

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