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01:35 AM Ruby master Bug #16628 (Third Party's Issue): する時にGzipReaderを渡すとCSV::Parser::InvalidEncodingが出る場合がある に報告してもらえますか?再現するCSVファイルも提供してもらえると助かります。 kou (Kouhei Sutou)


10:55 AM Ruby master Misc #16232: DevelopersMeeting20191017Japan
* [Bug #16143] BOM UTF-8 is not removed after rewind (kou)
* Can we commit this? I've reviewed. I think that this ...
kou (Kouhei Sutou)


03:40 AM Ruby master Revision 95c420c4 (git): Import StringScanner 1.0.3 (#2553)
kou (Kouhei Sutou)


05:03 AM Ruby master Revision 92df7d98 (git): Import CSV 3.1.2 (#2547)
kou (Kouhei Sutou)
03:07 AM Ruby master Revision 412cd567 (git): Import REXML 3.2.3 (#2548)
kou (Kouhei Sutou)


07:32 AM Ruby master Bug #16133: 2.5 --> 2.6: backwards incompatible change in MalformedCSVError
This is already closed.
"Third Party's Issue" is one of the close statuses.
kou (Kouhei Sutou)


09:59 PM Ruby master Bug #16143: BOM UTF-8 is not removed after rewind
I've reviewed the pull request. I found a problem. kou (Kouhei Sutou)


08:58 PM Ruby master Bug #15967 (Rejected): Two dimensional array which have CSV::Row object returns different result in ruby 2.3 and ruby 2.6
It's introduced by #10013.
Adding `CSV::Row#to_ary` may be wrong. But I couldn't remove `CSV::Row#to_ary` to avoid c...
kou (Kouhei Sutou)


08:41 PM Ruby master Bug #15910 (Rejected): $. doesn't hold the linenumber anymore when reading a CSV-file using the CSV class
CSV implementation was changed to improve performance. The new implementation reads data as chunk (`$stdin.gets(nil, ... kou (Kouhei Sutou)


09:45 PM Ruby master Bug #15872: CSV.parse omits close call when block is given – intended or bug?
`CSV.parse` expects a `String` as the input. So `close` isn't necessary.
If you have a problem case, could you rep...
kou (Kouhei Sutou)

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