Misc #9516

Consolidate all deprecation messages to one or more helper methods

Added by Thomas Enebo almost 2 years ago.



I was examining this blog entry: http://batsov.com/articles/2014/02/05/a-list-of-deprecated-stuff-in-ruby/ and I wanted to add these warning in JRuby. I thought it would be nice if I could make a higher level construct (e.g. @RubyDeprecated(use="Dir.exist?")) but then realized MRI does not consistently have the same warning string formats:

"Dir.exists? is a deprecated name, use Dir.exist? instead"
"GDBM#index is deprecated; use GDBM#key"
"Zlib::GzipReader#bytes is deprecated; use #each_byte instead"

Some helper methods could make these consistent and then I could make the higher level abstraction in JRuby as well. Since these are warnings I might still make an abstraction and let JRuby be a little inconsistent but I thought I would pass this idea along.

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