Feature #9527

make Net::HTTP.get_print not only to $stdout but to an IO as a parameter

Added by Dmitry Bolshakov almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.




url = 'http://server/path/large-file.zip'
fh = File.new(File.basename(url), 'wb')
Net::HTTP.get_print(URI(url), fh)

imho looks good


#1 Updated by Sam Rawlins almost 2 years ago

I opened up an alternative to this request in #9556.

I really like your suggestion. It is very strange that HTTP.get_print only prints to $stdout. However, the method signature of HTTP.get_print,

HTTP.get_print(uri_or_host, path = nil, port = nil)

makes it very awkward to add an optional IO handle. I think my vote would actually be to remove HTTP.get_print. It does not feel like it belongs in the standard library (and hasn't been updated since 2005), and the 5 lines of code could even just be moved into the RDoc for HTTP.get or a similar method.

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