Feature #7981

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) almost 11 years ago

 in ((%ruby --help%)) `ruby --help` I have found: 

     Usage: ruby [switches] [--] [programfile] [arguments] 

 so I have tried this example: 

     $ echo 'puts :ok' | ruby -- --params 
     > ruby: No such file or directory -- --params (LoadError) 

 I have assumed that ((%[argumments]%)) `[argumments]` are independent from ((%[programfile]%)) `[programfile]` 

 In the current state of code the help message should be: 

     Usage: ruby [switches] [--] [programfile [arguments]] 

 But I would prefer that it would be fixed and anything after ((%[--]%)) `[--]` that is not program gets ignored, so we can use the shell style: 

     $ echo 'echo "args:$*:"' | bash -s -- --params 
     > args:--params: