Feature #9960

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) over 7 years ago

Please consider adding GNU --long option equivalents. Notes: 

 * *) Prefer uppercase "V" for version, as small "v" is customarily user 
    for --verbose. 
 * *) Change word "switches" into more commonly used "options" word 
    in USAGE line.  


 Usage: ruby [switches] [--] [programfile] [arguments] 
   -0[octal]         specify record separator (\0, if no argument) 

   -a, --autosplit 
	 autosplit mode with -n or -p (splits $_ into $F) 

   -c, --check 
	 check syntax only 

   -Cdirectory, --directory DIRECTORY 
	 cd to directory before executing your script 

   -d, --debug 
	 set debugging flags (set $DEBUG to true) 

   -e 'command', --eval 
	 one line of script. Several -e's allowed. Omit [programfile] 

   -Eex[:in], --encoding [EXTERNAL:INTERNAL]        
	 specify the default external and internal character encodings 

   -Fpattern, --autosplit-pattern PATTERN 
	 split() pattern for autosplit (-a) 

   -i[extension], --in-place [EXTENSION] 
	 edit ARGV files in place (make backup if extension supplied) 

   -Idirectory, --include DIRECTORY 
	 specify $LOAD_PATH directory (may be used more than once) 

   -l, --eol-processing 
	 enable line ending processing 

   -n, --autoloop-noprint 
	 assume 'while gets(); ... end' loop around your script 

   -p, --autoloop 
	 assume loop like -n but print line also like sed 

   -rlibrary, --require LIBRARY 
	 require the library before executing your script 

   -s, --switch-parse 
	 enable some switch parsing for switches after script name 

   -S, --search-path 
	 look for the script using PATH environment variable 

   -T[level=1], --taint [NUMBER] 
	 turn on tainting checks 

   -V, --version 
	 print version number, then turn on verbose mode 

   -w, --warning 
	 turn warnings on for your script 

   -W[level=2], --warning-level [NUMBER] 
	 set warning level; 0=silence, 1=medium, 2=verbose 

   -x[directory], --extract [DIRECTORY] 
	 strip off text before #!ruby line and perhaps cd to directory 

   -h, --help 
	 show this message, --help for more info