Bug #8822

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) about 8 years ago

 When reading `ENV` ENV and if it contains non-ASCII - string won't have correct encoding. 
 In Ruby 2.0 we can force it to UTF8 (it doesn't matter what's windows encoding nor consoles) and it will be correct, but in Ruby 1.9 there's no way to correctly read it. 

 Writing non-ASCII string to ENV is not possible at all neither of versions. 

 Also Ruby1.9 fails to read ENV with name witch contains non-ASCII 


 Here's [test.rb script]( ((<test.rb script|URL:>)) (basically set environment variable outside of ruby and in ruby print it out) 

 Output on [Ruby2.0]( ((<Ruby2.0|URL:>)) and on [Ruby1.9]( ((<Ruby1.9|URL:>)) 

 Seems it wasn't properly fixed in #5570