Bug #10685

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) almost 5 years ago

This spec appears to cause the segfault mentioned in today.

```ruby ```
it "calls #to_hash on the last element if keyword arguments are present" do
obj = mock("destructure block keyword arguments")
obj.should_receive(:to_hash).and_return({x: 9})

result = m([1, 2, 3, obj]) { |a, *b, c, **k| [a, b, c, k] }
result.should == [1, [2], 3, {x: 9}]

I tried to boil it down to a shorter example and was not able to isolate it from RubySpec/mspec entanglement.

Here's the full dump including the last spec line that starts to run (the spec above):

I ran it using mspec gem from rubyspec's "archive" branch using "mspec ci -f s language".