Feature #11139

Updated by normalperson (Eric Wong) over 6 years ago

[PATCH 2/2] socket: accept_nonblock supports "nonblock: false" kwarg 

 An application wanting to do non-blocking accept may want to 
 create a 
 blocking accepted socket, allow it with a kwarg while 
 preserving default 

 This If this patch is analogous accepted, I'd also like to support the SOCK_NONBLOCK flag in the Linux `accept4' opposite 

 While this has little obvious effect for Ruby API users (which 
 can emulate blocking behavior) this will reduce syscalls made 
 internally by Ruby.    Forcing accept calls: 

	 a = s.accept(nonblock: true) # blocking will preserve "wake-one" 
 behavior accept syscall 
	 a.nonblock? # => true 
	 s.nonblock? # => false 

 This requires the simple patch in the OS kernel to avoid a "thundering herd" problem. [Feature #11138] 

 In all cases, existing Ruby 2.2 behavior I'm unsure if ":nonblock" is preserved by default 
 a good keyword to maximize compatibility, especially when sharing sockets with use, since it is 
 non-Ruby processes: 

 `accept' and `sysaccept' calls will create sockets which are 
 blocking by default. 

 `accept_nonblock', calls will create sockets which are non-blocking 
 by default. somewhat confusing