Feature #11530

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) about 6 years ago

Back then, there was ASCII, 7bit. 

 We are somehow still stuck to this. 

 All the parsing still is stuck in that old 7bit world. 
 While there are so many nice symbols in unicode 
 that we could put to use to make our code shine. 

 ruby2 does allow for the use of unicode characters throughout, 
 but it does not yet differentiate the use of the unicode planes. 

 I'd like to suggest that some planes of the unicode space 
 should be reserved from the use as indentifiers. 

 I'd like to suggest that all characters from the plane of mathematical operators 
 should be reserved, and should not be parsed as identifiers. 

 This might also apply to the uppercase greek letters, 
 which are commonly used in mathematical formulae. 

 This would be no problem, just a function: 
   Σ(from:0, to:k){|i| i*2} 

 I'd like to suggest to reserve the binary operators for future use: 
 let me give an example: 
     a ∩ b # intersect 
     a ∪ b # union