Feature #11747

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) about 7 years ago

In Matz's recent Rubyconf talk, he used this example for the new 'dig' feature coming in Ruby 2.3: 

 # \# we want this 

 # \# we can do this w/o nil errors 
 data.dig(:users, 0, :name) 

 What I'm proposing is a 'bury' feature that is the opposite of 'dig' in a sense. It inserts a value at an arbitrary depth, for example: 

 data.bury(:users, 0, :name, 'Matz') 

 This will create a nested hash or an array automatically at each step if it doesn't already exist, and that can be inferred from the what the user is passing (such as a symbol or string for a hash or an integer for an array). It's similar to autovivification but more powerful! 

 This behavior is very common, at least in my experience, so a dry method built into Ruby would be awesome!