Feature #14390

Updated by zverok (Victor Shepelev) almost 2 years ago

I believe that it could be somewhat useful to have UnboundMethod converted to proc (accepting the object to bind to, as a first argument).

Practical(ish) example, paired with [Proc#rcurry]( proposal:

map(&Faraday.method(:get).rcurry[some_get_param: 'value']).
map(&JSON.method(:parse).rcurry[symbolize_names: true]).
map(&Hash.instance_method(:dig).rcurry[:foo :bar, :baz])

It is somewhat more verbose than a lot of alternative proposals for "shorthand of &method call with arguments", yet requires no changes in parser or language design. With some future shortcuts/operators for `#method` and `#instance_method` it can even become pretty short and look like an "idiom".

PS: For the reference, shorthand that was proposed and rejected several times (see #6483, #4146):
```ruby :bar, :baz))

As it is indeed looks much shorter than my proposal, it raises a lot of question about what is that `:dig(:foo :bar, :baz)` and how it should be parsed and whether it can appear outside of `&`-calls.