Feature #15381

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) almost 3 years ago

The single splat calls `to_a` implicitly on the object (if it is not an array already) so that, for example, we have the convenience of writing conditions in an array literal: 

 a = [ 
   *(:foo if some_condition), 
   *(:bar if another_condition), 

 And the ampersand implicitly calls `to_proc` on the object (if it is not a proc already) so that we can substitute a block with an ampersand followed by a symbol: 


 Unlike the single splat and ampersand, the double splat does not seem to implicitly call a corresponding method. I propose that the double splat should call `to_h` `to_hash` implicitly on the object if it not already a Hash hash so that we can, for example, write a condition in a hash literal as follows: 

 h = { 
   **({a: 1} if some_condition), 
   **({b: 2) if another_condition), 

 There may be some other benefits of this feature that I have not noticed yet.