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02:40 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11718: Constant access on `nil`
I don't think it's intended, that commit should not introduce new behavior except on singleton class constants.


09:18 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11718: Constant access on `nil`
I think this should really raise an error like:
$ ruby -e 'p nil::String'
-e:1:in `<main>': nil is not a ...


11:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10892: Deadlock in autoload
On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 9:56 PM, Eric Wong <> wrote:

> Fwiw, I mentioned in [ruby-core:70359...


04:57 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52126: * test/ostruct/test_ostruct.rb: Add tests for OpenStruct#respond_to.
Patch by @jeremy in [GH-1041]:
04:57 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52125: * lib/ostruct.rb: Finish defining OpenStruct attributes lazily.
Patch by @sferik in [GH-1037]:
This commit is an addendum to https://github....


08:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11587 (Open): Make OpenStruct#new_ostruct_member and #modifiable fully private API
#6056 made OpenStruct#new_ostruct_member and #modifiable protected,
but they still appear in RDoc and normal user do...


01:22 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10892: Deadlock in autoload
Could someone review the patch and apply it or find an alternative fix?
01:16 PM Ruby trunk Bug #595: Fiber ignores ensure clause
Could we clarify what is the desired behavior and what prevents it to be implemented?
There is a very old RubySpec...
01:12 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10894 (Rejected): Unamed keyrest argument and a normal keyword argument disallow arbitrary k...
Since 2.0.0 only accept security fixes I'll close this.
12:54 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11550: Current behaviour of super(...) is dangerous in the presence of more than one inc...
Ronald Fischer wrote:
> First, M1 and M2 don't know where they are going to be mixed in, so they can not invoke `suu...

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