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## # Summary 

 If you maintain a Ruby application or library, please consider testing with the Ruby `master` branch, including the *debug* (`cppflags=-DRUBY_DEBUG=1`) build (in build. They should be in addition to testing all supported stable releases of Ruby). Ruby. 

 To make this easier, try the master branch, we are providing provide Docker images and GitHub actions, as outlined below. Github Acttion for convinience. 

 ## # Details 

 The rapid pace of Ruby development sometimes introduces bugs, such as incorrect behaviour or unexpected incompatibilities. Despite our best efforts and testing, without your feedback, we cannot catch every issue. 

 Understanding how our changes impact downstream code is important feedback for the Ruby core developers. We want to know how your applications work on master. 

 If you encounter an error when testing with the `master` branch (e.g. `[BUG] ...` in output log), [please please report it]( it ( It will be very helpful. 

 ### ## Testing With `master` 

 Testing using the `master` branch (sometimes referred to as `ruby-head`) will make your Ruby scripts ready for the next Ruby version. It also version ready. Also it helps us catch incompatibilities as we change and evolve Ruby's public interface. 

 ### ## Testing With Debug Build 

 Testing with the master branch debug build enables many assertions within the Ruby interpreter. 

 These assertions can detect incorrect usage usages of the C extensions, extensions API, and also bugs in the interpreter when running your program. 

 These assertions have an impact on the performance of the interpreter. 

 To compile build a debug build, build by yourself, refer the later last section titled "Building With Debug Mode". in this article. 

 ## # Continuous Integration With `master` 

 Building Ruby for your own testing environment can be difficult, so we are providing two convenient ways to use the master branch in your existing testing pipeline: 

 - Docker Images 
 - Github Action 

 ### ## Docker Images 

 The [rubylang docker repository]( provides images for various Ruby versions, including nightly builds of master with and without debug assertions" 

 - Nightly built master: `rubylang/ruby:master-nightly-bionic` 
 - Nightly debug built master: `rubylang/ruby:master-debug-nightly-bionic` 

 Here is an example `Dockerfile`: 

 FROM rubylang/ruby:master-nightly-bionic 

 Then to build: 

 $ docker build . 
 Sending build context to Docker daemon    2.048kB 
 Step 1/1 : FROM rubylang/ruby:master-nightly-bionic 
 master-nightly-bionic: Pulling from rubylang/ruby 
 Status: Downloaded newer image for rubylang/ruby:master-nightly-bionic 
  ---> 059d367a8fbd 
 Successfully built 059d367a8fbd 

 ### ## GitHub Action 

 The [GitHub Action to setup Ruby]( provides both `ruby-head` and `ruby-debug` builds. 

 Here is an example workflow to test on all Ruby stable releases, including `ruby-head` and `ruby-debug`: 

 name: Development 
 on: [push] 
       fail-fast: false 
         os: [ubuntu] 
         ruby: [2.5, 2.6, 2.7, head, debug] 

     runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}-latest 
     continue-on-error: ${{ matrix.ruby == 'head' || matrix.ruby == 'debug' }} 
     - uses: actions/checkout@v2 
     - uses: ruby/setup-ruby@v1 
         ruby-version: ${{ matrix.ruby }} 

     - run: bundle install 
     - run: bundle exec rake 

 See the [documentation]( for more details on how to use this action. 

 ## # Building With Debug Mode debug build 

 To create a debug build Debug Build of Ruby, execute the following commands: 

 $ git clone 
 $ cd ruby 
 $ autoconf 
 $ cppflags=-DRUBY_DEBUG=1 ./configure --prefix=$HOME/.rubies/ruby-debug 
 $ make install 

 If you are using `chruby`, you can switch to the above build: 

 $ chruby ruby-debug 

 You can find more details to build Ruby master in the [README]( 

 ## # Acknowledgement 

 We thank @mrkn for the Docker image, @eregon for the GitHub Action, and @ioquatix for reviewing this announcement.