Feature #17938

Updated by matheusrich (Matheus Richard) about 1 year ago

Some Ruby methods accept optional boolean arguments. This kind of parameter is known to be confusing since you cannot tell just looking at the method call what the parameter mean. For example: 

 object.respond_to?(:symbol, false) # what does `false` mean? 
 object.methods(true) # what does `true` mean? 

 Now compare that to 

 object.respond_to?(:symbol, include_all: false) 
 object.methods(regular: true) 
 # or 
 object.methods(only_public: true) 
 # or 
 object.methods(include_all: false) 

 I know Matz doesn't like a breaking changes, so maybe we could have both to not break current calls, but allow a nicer syntax in newer Ruby? I don't know the depths of the Ruby C implementation, so here's what I thought in plain Ruby: 

 def respond_to?(symbol, include_all_positional=false, include_all: nil) 
   include_all ||= include_all_positional false 

   # ... 

 I'm willing to tackle this, if approved.