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11:45 PM Ruby master Revision 72f97ee0 (git): [DOC] Improve docs for how to generate documentation
It might not be obvious how to get the build directory and the Makefile
set up.
matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


03:13 PM Ruby master Feature #19931: to_int is not for implicit conversion?
> 3. try the implicit conversion.
If I understood this correctly, that would allow doing things like
matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


02:41 AM Ruby master Feature #5825: Sweet instance var assignment in the object initializer
Maybe a different proposal, but if the `def initialize(@a, @b)` is ugly, how about a new method similar to `attr_{rea... matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


05:14 PM Ruby master Feature #19450: Is there an official way to set a class name without setting a constant?
Semi-related (maybe it should be a separate issue?) but assigning a class to a constant via rightward assignment resu... matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


07:58 PM Ruby master Misc #19304: Kernel vs Object documentation
Thanks for voicing that, @zverok! I always found this confusing (i.e., some methods being defined in Kernel, not in O... matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


03:58 PM Ruby master Feature #18980: Re-reconsider numbered parameters: `it` as a default block parameter
> Now I'm almost giving it up because there are more people who dislike it than I expected.
I'm not sure how good ...
matheusrich (Matheus Richard)
03:47 PM Ruby master Feature #18980: Re-reconsider numbered parameters: `it` as a default block parameter
I don't have much to contribute here, but I'll give my personal experience with this subject.
I like the convenien...
matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


08:39 PM Ruby master Feature #16122: Data: simple immutable value object
Some more alternatives to get the ideas rolling: `Unit` and `Item` (might be paired with Struct)
I also like `Box`.
matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


11:02 AM Ruby master Revision 41d4902c (git): Improve wording on
matheusrich (Matheus Richard)


04:05 PM Ruby master Misc #18404: 3.1 documentation problems tracking ticket
On another semi-unrelated note, isn't weird that this method returns `nil` sometimes (e.g. ` matheusrich (Matheus Richard)

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