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03:06 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58916 (trunk): erb.rb: Use str_uplus instead of rb_str_dup
to skip unnecessary string allocation on frozen_string_literal: false.
str_uplus can bypass calling rb_str_dup when O...
02:47 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58915 (trunk): benchmark: Rename to bm_erb_render.rb
from bm_app_erb_render.rb.
I'm told from ko1 that bm_app_* is namespace for Ruby applications,
not for ERB and we sh...


02:17 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58908 (trunk): erb.rb: Tiny improvement of compiling cost
by reducing string allocation.
* Before
app_erb 0.687
* After
app_erb 0.679
01:58 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58907 (trunk): erb.rb: [DOC] Follow compiled code's change
introduced in r58905.
01:49 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58905 (trunk): erb.rb: Generate static string with opt_str_uminus
to skip object allocation for static string.
We can't always enable frozen_string_literal pragma because we can't
12:45 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11952: Use getrusage for Process.times if available
Does anyone have opinion about this? Can I commit this?
I think it would be good to apply this patch to improve li...
12:12 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58904 (trunk): erb.rb: Use script encoding instead of force_encoding
The original intention of introducing `_erbout.force_encoding`
in r21170 was:
- "returns a string in the same charac...


03:47 PM CommonRuby Feature #8643 (Rejected): Add Binding.from_hash
Since [Feature #8631] is accepted, closing this ticket.
03:43 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58892 (trunk): NEWS: Add entry for ERB#result_with_hash
See r58891.
03:38 PM Ruby trunk Feature #8631 (Closed): Add a new method to ERB to allow assigning the local variables from a hash
Applied in changeset trunk|r58891.
erb.rb: Add ERB#result_with_hash
[ruby-core:55985] [Feature #8631] [f...

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