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02:02 AM Ruby master Revision f8936b33 (git): Remove documentation about dev
dev is Shopify's internal tool that doesn't work if you use Intel
Homebrew on M1 (or rbenv, btw). Now that we maintai...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


11:12 PM Ruby master Revision 0d68286b (git): Revert "Try reproducing the MinGW hang on time command (#6168)"
This reverts commit bee5089d6789401f265f87b2f23f1bd7ec63cec8.
Looking at
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
04:29 AM Ruby master Revision bee5089d (git): Try reproducing the MinGW hang on time command (#6168)
to see if it really exits correctly.
GitHub Support asked me to confirm the command is exiting correctly.
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


05:00 PM Ruby master Revision 26619804 (git): Add .git-blame-ignore-revs [ci skip]
for [Misc #18891]
It is a file that could be used with `git config blame.ignoreRevsFile`.
The file name `.git-blame-...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
04:44 PM Ruby master Misc #18891: Expand tabs in C code
I forgot to mention that I appreciate everybody who supported this decision. Thank you so much. k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
04:42 PM Ruby master Misc #18891 (Closed): Expand tabs in C code
Applied in changeset commit:git|5b21e94bebed90180d8ff63dad03b8b948361089.
Expand tabs [ci skip]
[Misc #1...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
04:41 PM Ruby master Misc #18891: Expand tabs in C code
> Unfortunately you can't set it at the global level because git blame fails if the file does not exist, and that wou... k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
04:42 PM Ruby master Revision 5b21e94b (git): Expand tabs [ci skip]
[Misc #18891] k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


05:54 AM Ruby master Revision 6c2cad83 (git): MJIT: Share rb_mjit_unit through mjit_unit.h
mjit_compile.c should be able to access this more easily. k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
03:34 AM Ruby master Revision 439d31bc (git): MJIT: Merge mjit_worker.c back to mjit.c (#6138)
Since #6006, we no longer avoid executing GC on mjit_worker.c and thus
there's no need to carefully change how we wri...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)

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