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02:45 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62433 (trunk): mjit.c: fix deadlock on class serial increment
This is reported by @hasimo. Fixing a case like this:
#0 __lll_lock_wait () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/l...


02:09 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62403 (trunk): appveyor.yml: refactor r62402
We have good feature to share common configuration between branches:
12:34 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62402 (trunk): appveyor.yml: notify slack only for trunk
Using conditional build configuration.
This ...


03:58 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62398 (trunk): replace opt_key insn
with opt_send_without_block insn if call cache has valid ISeq.
If the receiver is not optimized target of opt_key (i....


03:25 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62388 (trunk): vm_insnhelper.c: inline array aref with integer
internal.h: define inlinable rb_ary_entry_internal.
array.c: use rb_ary_entry_internal.
* Benchmark
ruby --jit mame...
09:05 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62387 (trunk): insns.def: remove unnecessary sp motion
This seems obsoleted after r62087.
08:09 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62385 (trunk): drop obsoleted debug output
mjit_config.h errors are already fixed.
07:27 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62384 (trunk): _mjit_compile_insn_body.erb: refactor
renamed from tool/ruby_vm/views/_mjit_compile_insn_line.erb.
Basically this file should handle everything about macro...
06:54 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62383 (trunk): _mjit_compile_insn_line.erb: carve out macro expansion
in _mjit_compile_insn.erb to this file. As I'm going to add macro
expansions later, I want to separate such complex t...
05:04 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62382 (trunk): mjit.c: print JIT failure show unsupported insn name on --jit-verbose=1 too.
Also, removed osboleted workaround. Now some...

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