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06:12 AM Ruby master Feature #18042 (Feedback): YARV code optimization
> as I see mjit only translates yarv into C
It's interesting that many people seem to think it's what MJIT does. We ...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


12:06 PM Ruby master Revision acbddbe6 (git): [ruby/irb] Rescue a specific error
Rescuing StandardError is prone to bugs caused by a typo or obsoleted methods.
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


02:35 AM Ruby master Feature #18008: `keyword_init?` method for Struct
+1. While we aim to obviate `keyword_init` in [Feature #16806], unless we also intend to deprecate the option (for no... k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
01:52 AM Ruby master Revision 35c7e83b (git): [ruby/irb] Optimize show_source command further actually slowed down how `code` is
concatenated. The original way of creating `c...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


08:50 PM Ruby master Feature #17992 (Feedback): Upstreaming the htmlentities gem into CGI#.(un)escape_html
Could you clarify a bit more context about why you'd like to escape these characters not supported in `CGI.escapeHTML... k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


07:53 AM Ruby master Revision d281fc52 (git): Add missing dependencies k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
07:40 AM Ruby master Revision 474f7995 (git): Cast jit_func for Windows k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
07:32 AM Ruby master Revision c5e8a49b (git): Avoid enqueueing the same ISeq twice
by a race condition by multiple Ractors.
Atmically incrementing body->total_calls may have its own cost, so for
now ...
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)


07:48 PM Ruby master Bug #17939 (Rejected): Segmentation fault at Ruby 3.0.0 w/ CGI.escapeHTML
It reproduces with 2.7, and it seems like the patched gem allocates a lot of memory. Because I'm still in the middle ... k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)
07:39 PM Ruby master Bug #17939: Segmentation fault at Ruby 3.0.0 w/ CGI.escapeHTML
I tried to check if this reproduces with 3.0.1 as well, but it seems to hit another issue that puma hangs forever and... k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun)

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