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03:50 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14777: Add Range#offset ?
Hello. I don't have any strong opinion about this feature, but I guess I would welcome such feature if it used standa...


04:45 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13855: Hash#compact! returns nil if the hash is empty
Rather than a bug, I wonder if this is just a documentation omission.
In case of a documentation omission, I creat...


01:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13051 (Closed): Object created with fails to update .lineno in .each
I don't know if this way of creating ARGF-like objects is supported or not.
I just noticed that it didn't update the...


10:39 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12710: "a string X".index("a string") Fails with Ruby 2.2.3p173
Isn't there a newline character at the end of string returned by shell quotes?
I think that's the reason the .inde...


11:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9969: Add File.empty? as alias to
I added a comment on issue #10121 before knowing this specific issue already existed.
I just wanted to say that, w...
01:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10121: Dir.empty?
Now that Ruby got a Dir.empty? method, do you think it makes sense to add a File.empty? as an alias for ?

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