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02:54 PM Ruby master Feature #16377: Regexp literals should be frozen
I really hope this does not go through.
Regexp literals have been "unduplicated" like this since at least 1.8 and ...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
02:16 PM Ruby master Feature #14183: "Real" keyword argument
This can be solved by refactoring, but yeah it's much more complicated than just adding `**` to the appropriate place... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


02:45 AM Ruby master Feature #16411: Safer keyword argument extension
I'm aware of `**nil` and it's true that it provides fully safe keyword extension. But you have to admit it's not like... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


11:07 PM Ruby master Feature #16411: Safer keyword argument extension
Yeah, `**!?` in itself was a joke placeholder intended to mean "insert funky new syntax here but I'm not sure what ex... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
05:26 PM Ruby master Feature #16411 (Open): Safer keyword argument extension
The problem of safe keyword extension has been [described like this]( Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
02:51 PM Ruby master Misc #16396: What is the reason for this behaviour of Find.find?
From what I remember of Windows, `Find.find('D:')` would search in the current directory of D:
My guess is that you'...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
02:01 PM Ruby master Bug #15027: When Struct#each method is overriden Struct#select and Struct#to_a use wrong collections
In the case that a method is overridden _only_ for optimization's sake, the override check is simply the equivalent o... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
03:47 AM Ruby master Feature #14183: "Real" keyword argument
@koic, would this not be good enough for your case?
str = 'Hello, %<foo>s, %<bar>s'
ary = [foo: 'foo', b...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
02:36 AM Ruby master Bug #15856: Idempotent performance of Kernel.require with many activated gems is slow
A quick search yields the following files that have both a rb and so version:
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


03:55 PM Ruby master Feature #16166: Remove exceptional treatment of *foo when it is the sole block parameter
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote:
> The `*rest` parameter will not splat either, or it would delegate arguments incorrec...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)

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