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01:54 AM Ruby master Bug #17184: No stdlib function to perform simple string replacement
> I think we should remove special treatment of `\+`, etc in the replacement string for `sub/gsub(String, String)`.
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
01:01 AM Ruby master Feature #13381: [PATCH] Expose rb_fstring and its family to C extensions
Any of the earlier suggestions were good, such as "pool" or "deduped". But while "interned" is technically correct, i... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


01:59 AM Ruby master Feature #17156 (Open): Refinements per directory tree
One of the main use case for refinements is to enable extensions to core classes for a given codebase (app or gem) wi... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
12:55 AM Ruby master Bug #17144: { ... } does not unlink the file
Austin Ziegler wrote on mailing list:
> If we don’t change the behaviour, could we at least modify the documentation...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


03:46 PM Ruby master Bug #17144: { ... } does not unlink the file
> `{ }` returns nil
I apologize for this brain fart. `{ }` returns the result of the block...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
03:14 PM Ruby master Bug #17144: { ... } does not unlink the file
-1 for breaking compatibility with no deprecation, just for the sake of perceived consistency.
But then again it's...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
03:03 AM Ruby master Feature #16994: Sets: shorthand for frozen sets of symbols / strings
I just thought of something...
In the same way that `"str".freeze` is optimized to be deduplicated, `%w[a b].include...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


02:45 PM Ruby master Feature #16989: Sets: need ♥️
> which would anyway restrict the type of keys
I don't get that part. If you have a literal like `{ x, y, z }` the...
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)


12:42 PM Ruby master Feature #13683: Add strict Enumerable#single
Hmmm, just now I realized there's a simple idiom that's roughly equivalent to `one`/`single`
Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)
11:41 AM Ruby master Feature #17016: Enumerable#scan_left
`#accumulate` is good, but since [this question]( linked in the OP was asking for... Dan0042 (Daniel DeLorme)

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