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06:27 AM Ruby master Revision 5bb1c81a (git): rename [ci skip]
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


03:49 PM Ruby master Feature #16517: mkmf.rb - changes for Windows ?
Re the mswin change, the cost is low, and the benefit is high.
Re requiring devkit, my request is a specific solut...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


04:08 PM Ruby master Feature #16517: mkmf.rb - changes for Windows ?
### MinGW devkit issue
`devkit.rb` is a file included in RubyInstaller and RubyInstaller2 builds. These ...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


11:49 PM Ruby master Feature #16517 (Open): mkmf.rb - changes for Windows ?
I propose two changes to mkmf.rb to make it more Windows friendly.
1) mingw - `devkit` has been the standard for '...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


11:27 PM Ruby master Misc #16507 (Open): =~ vs include? or match?
While working on getting the mswin build working on Actions, I thought adding mswin? and ci? methods to Minitest::Uni... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


05:35 PM Ruby master Revision 860753ea (git): Actions MinGW - fix test-all (#2803)
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
08:29 AM Ruby master Revision d912393e (git): text/readline/test_readline.rb - fix skip on Reline (#2743)
TestRelineAsReadline#test_input_metachar passes on MinGW MSP-Greg (Greg L)
07:19 AM Ruby master Revision eb2b4258 (git): MinGW on Actions (#2791)
* MinGW - skip spec in spec/ruby/optional/capi/thread_spec.rb
C-API Thread function rb_thread_call_without_gvl
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


05:04 PM Ruby master Bug #16449 (Closed): Bundler is 2.1.1 in master, not 2.1.2 ?
NEWS mentions that Bundler has been updated to 2.1.2, but lib/bundler/version.rb
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


02:51 PM Ruby master Bug #16392: test-all failure Windows - TestEncoding#test_nonascii_library_path
In a ps window:
ruby 2.7.0dev (2019-12-12T23:58:42Z master 1140625cd3) [x64-mswin64_140]
Encoding fi...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)

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