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11:13 PM Ruby master Revision 64926d50 (git): test/net/smtp - use TCPSocket when UNIXSocket unavailable
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


04:56 AM Ruby master Revision c6652f22 (git): ractor.rb - indent comment code [ci skip]
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


05:05 PM Ruby master Bug #17185: OpenSSL 1.1.1h failures
With the commits by @mame, both mingw & mswin are passing with 1.1.1h.
Thanks, Please close whenever.
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
03:00 PM Ruby master Bug #17185 (Closed): OpenSSL 1.1.1h failures
Both mswin and mingw are currently failing, with the only obvious change being a change to OpenSSL 1.1.1h. Note that... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


01:55 AM Ruby master Bug #17175: Ruby 2.5: OpenSSL related test failures
I suspect that the ruby/ruby commit mentioned above will help, also see the commits @rhenium did listed in https://gi... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


03:11 AM Ruby master Bug #17175: Ruby 2.5: OpenSSL related test failures
Sorry for the delay. I used to get pinged here, but it stopped a while ago. Anyway, I'm not sure what th...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


06:51 PM Ruby master Bug #17101: YAML.load_file: Massive slowdown under Ruby 2.7 vs. Ruby 2.4
You used the phrase 'runs very very slow'. I found 2.7 slower, as below. What were the times you had?
Using Psych....
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


10:01 AM Ruby master Revision bf758ef8 (git): mswin build - install src zlib files
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
07:55 AM Ruby master Revision a332e8a0 (git): ruby_2_7 update MinGW Actions workflow
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


07:05 AM Ruby master Revision 23cf99e9 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Bundler specs - Windows - remove skips, => File.readlines
Using without a block leaves a file reference that causes issues with file operations
MSP-Greg (Greg L)

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