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06:36 PM Ruby master Bug #16953 (Open): Windows bash bin files removed in master
Master is not creating bash bin files for Windows builds, only files with extensions cmd or bat.
Although running ...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


12:20 AM Ruby master Revision 4cb8b49d (git): [DOC] relative filename `Kernel#.require` and `Kernel#.load` [ci skip]
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


03:22 PM Ruby master Bug #16846 (Closed): Commit - win32ole: separate global variable declarations and definitions - backport?
The below commit fixes building win32ole using MinGW gcc 10.1.0. New Ruby releases (patch/teeny) are normally done w... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


09:32 PM Ruby master Misc #16839: - downloads & tests
Thanks for the reply.
As to CI caching, Actions, AppVeyor, and Travis all support it, but ther...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
05:00 PM Ruby master Misc #16839 (Closed): - downloads & tests
For quite a while, one can optionally download files from, and the files enable additional tests.
Are ...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


12:35 AM Ruby master Revision c0b93267 (git): Update workflows/mingw.yml - use setup-ruby-pkgs (#3042)
MSP-Greg/actions-ruby is deprecated... MSP-Greg (Greg L)


12:51 AM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
CI in general, and in particular Actions (along with actions/checkout@v2) can be done from any repo.
There could a...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)


10:24 PM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
Using git submodules would certainly have advantages, but it's a big change.
Either way, it would be helpful if up...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
03:07 PM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
> upstream's responsibility to make sure the code works and it's properly tested
Is that done against ruby/ruby's co...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)
02:00 PM Ruby master Feature #16742: and RbConfig.host_os
> it should be false for cygwin too since it also tries to hide the fact you're on Windows.
Agreed. I think. I've ...
MSP-Greg (Greg L)

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