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02:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15836: [Proposal] Make Module#name and Symbol#to_s return their internal fstrings
@byroot thanks for sharing the benchmark!
IMO module names should be frozen
even if it's easy to fix, this chan...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


09:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15166: 2.5 times faster implementation than current gcd implmentation
I'm curious if anyone have an explanation why the pure C version is 300% faster, but the ruby version of the same alg... ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


01:48 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15631 (Open): Let round_capa for ID table not allocate excess capacity for power of 2 ints >= 4
right now round_capa value is rounded up to the next power of 2
round_capa(4) -> returns 8
round_capa(8) -> re...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


03:51 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15616: Chained destructive methods fail when using +@ to unfreeze a frozen string
+foo.gsub!("bar", "car")
stands for
+(foo.gsub!("bar", "car"))
and because foo is frozen, you...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


08:58 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15553: Addrinfo.getaddrinfo supports timeout
thanks for this PR. Many requests for fully async support in stdlib are blocked by this.
I think on Windows 8+ we ...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


06:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15166: 2.5 times faster implementation than current gcd implmentation
your micro-benchmarks aren't always fair, because some algorithms don't handle all edge cases, different data types e... ahorek (Pavel Rosický)
05:11 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15172: Performance: create method(s) to mimic __builtin_ctz compiler directive functionality
hi, such fallback already exists
I d...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


02:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14964 (Assigned): [MJIT] missing builtin methods
the problem is that c compiler doesn't allow to use __builtin_xxx macros if not specifically enabled with a...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


09:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15414 (Closed): backport #14571 (File descriptor leak in resolv.rb) was merged to 2.6 and backported to 2.3 and 2.4
it should be also backport...
ahorek (Pavel Rosický)


02:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15408: Deprecate object_id and _id2ref ahorek (Pavel Rosický)

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