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09:01 PM Ruby master Feature #15955: UnboundMethod#apply
Whoops, sorry for the belated response -- Redmine email seems to not be working for me. We have a `replace_method` he... nelhage (Nelson Elhage)


05:49 PM Ruby master Feature #15955 (Closed): UnboundMethod#apply
I'd love a way to apply an UnboundMethod to a receiver and list of args without having to first `bind` it. I've ended... nelhage (Nelson Elhage)


05:03 PM Ruby master Feature #15818 (Rejected): Please hide pages for EOL releases from the Google index
It's a very common experience that if I google a Ruby method or class, the top Google link to me points to the docs f... nelhage (Nelson Elhage)


05:36 PM Ruby master Bug #15625 (Closed): Module#name performance has exponential-time worst case by aliased constants
It's well-known (c.f #11119) that `Module#name` has poor performance on anonymous classes, due to searching the entir... nelhage (Nelson Elhage)


11:41 PM Ruby master Bug #14748 (Closed): Inconsistent (and regressed from 2.4) behavior on `Array#min` and max between array literals and arrays
`Array#min` and `Array#max` have different behavior depending on whether or not they are called with array literals:
nelhage (Nelson Elhage)


11:42 PM Ruby master Bug #13305: Occasional segfaults after defining methods while running coverage
Can this fix be backported to the Ruby 2.4 release series? 2.4.3 is still affected by this crash. nelhage (Nelson Elhage)


04:18 PM Ruby master Bug #13404 (Rejected): Hash#any? yields arguments to lambdas with proc semantics
l = ->(a, b) { true }
# Raises; Uses Enumerable#all?
{1 => 2}.all?(&l)
# Does not raise; Uses specialized...
nelhage (Nelson Elhage)

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