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01:31 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9453: Return symbols of defined methods for `attr` and friends
Thomas, private method that accept an array for methods names would be an interesting idea worth discussion.
But it ...


05:50 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9731: Rails' HashWithIndifferentAccess is incompatible with Ruby's keyword arguments
I am negative for the proposal. My opinion is that you should not (or no longer) use strings as keywords.
For trans...


12:07 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9704: Refinements as files instead of modules
So your key idea is sharing implementation between monkey-patching and refinements.
The motivation behind introducin...


11:16 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9696: More Flexible Refinement Syntax
Thomas, although I don't deny the possibility of "more flexible refinement syntax", I prefer creating new issues for ...
09:10 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9696 (Rejected): More Flexible Refinement Syntax
In that case, string/foo.rb will work differently loaded by #using or #require.
I don't think it is a good design, a...


02:58 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9453 (Rejected): Return symbols of defined methods for `attr` and friends
I am not positive. The example
private *attr_reader(:images, :key_map, :window, :screen_manager,:animations)


03:20 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9602 (Feedback): Logic with `Enumerable#grep`
I am afraid that proposed behavior is too far away from the original 'grep'.
We should use #select for more complex ...


01:19 AM ruby-trunk Feature #7596: Find::find should not silently ignores errors
Nobu, let's not add new things. This time let us focus on stopping ignoring errors.
Probably we can add another key...


03:01 AM Backport21 Backport #9299: Required keyowrd arguments and arity
I consider this as a bug. So it should be back-ported to 2.1, I think.


03:09 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9565 (Rejected): Unifying the methods (const|class_variable|instance_variable)_(defined?...
I don't see the benefit of unifying. You said 'easier' but I don't see how unifying makes programming easier.

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