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06:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10771: An easy way to get the source location of a constant
We picked `constant_source_location`. We will experiment with this method in 2.7 development.


10:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13618: [PATCH] auto fiber schedule for rb_wait_for_single_fd and rb_waitpid
The first proposal of auto fiber was fibers with implicit context switch on I/O operations. They are fundamentally no...


08:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15330: autoload_relative
I do not like autoload for its indeterministic nature (#5653).
It caused issues (#10892, #11384, #12688) and they ar...
01:46 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15331: [PATCH] Faster hashing for short string literals
I like the idea!


10:41 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15301: Symbol#call, returning method bound with arguments
Interesting idea of partial evaluation, but `call` is too generic, and could cause confusion. I am not positive about...
10:39 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15302: Proc#with and Proc#by, for partial function application and currying
This kind of partial evaluation is an interesting idea, but as a non-native speaker, I wonder those words do not caus...
10:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15286 (Rejected): Proposal: Add Kernel.#expand(*args)
I am against the idea for some reasons:
* I don't think `expand` is the right name for the behavior
* meta-progra...
10:29 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15231: Remove `Object#=~`
I vote for the proposed change. Let's give deprecation warning first. I don't think we need to remove `!~` from `Kern...
07:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11689: Add methods allow us to get visibility from Method and UnboundMethod object.
The proposal sounds nice, but I am not fully satisfied with the term **visibility**. So how about adding `public?`, `...


04:20 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15278 (Closed): Refinements don't work well with Forwardable
It's intentional. Refinement is **lexical** overriding of methods. That means refined methods (e.g. `origin` in this...

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