Yukihiro Matsumoto





03:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12628: change block/env structs
LGTM. Thanks.


09:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12543 (Closed): explicit tail call syntax: foo() then return
I am not positive. This may not work under tracing. I am for adding tail-call optimization, but Koichi do not love th...
09:08 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12481 (Feedback): Add Array#view to allow opt-in copy-on-write sharing of Array contents
I first thought the `view` method is to create a view array with CoW. But this attaches an array as a view to another...
08:33 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12578 (Feedback): Instance Variables Assigned In parameters ( ala Crystal? )
Arguments are giving names to passed values, which is different from attribute (instance variables) initialization. I...
08:29 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12515 (Rejected): Create "Boolean" superclass of TrueClass / FalseClass
Rejected for several reasons:
* many gems and libraries had already introduced Boolean class. I don't want to brea...
08:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12574: Remove TRUE, FALSE, and NIL
You have to wait until Ruby 3.0 at least.
I'd agree to remove TRUE, FALSE, NIL first.
08:08 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12419: Improve String#dump for Unicode output (from "\u{130}" to "\u0130")
07:56 AM CommonRuby Feature #12546: Remove UnicodeNormalize::UNICODE_VERSION
Go ahead.
07:50 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12461 (Closed): Hash & keys to make subset.
I am against having `Hash#&`. `Array#&` takes two arrays. The proposed `Hash#&` takes a hash and key array.
if you w...
07:37 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12297: Ruby stdlib date can parse non-existent date with year 0
According to [ruby-dev:10241] (Japanese), it's intentional.
In Gregorian calendar, the year 0 does not exist, but in...

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