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08:27 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14701 (Rejected): If the object is not frozen, I want to be able to redefine the compound assignment operator.
Use `append` instead of `+=` for arrays. Changing the behavior of `+=` would have too much compatibility problems fro...


11:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4475: default variable name for parameter
This is a very interesting idea but at the same time, it's difficult to keep compatibility.
At least simple addition...
08:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6394 (Rejected): Support SO_ORIGINAL_DST socket option
As #14696, we reject the proposal.
08:21 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14696 (Rejected): add optname SO_ORIGINAL_DST
I didn't know `SO_ORIGINAL_DST` is not defined in libc headers.
In this case, I'd suggest defining the constant in y...
07:52 AM Ruby trunk Feature #5352 (Rejected): How about using <> to represent Here Document?
Rejected. I don't want to change the basic syntax (without major benefit). Besides that, I want to keep `<>` for fut...
06:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14643: Remove problematic separator '\0' of Dir.glob and Dir.[]
LGTM. The change will reduce the potential security risk.
06:54 AM CommonRuby Feature #14697: Introducing Range#% as an alias to Range#step
Looks good to me. Any opinion?
06:43 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14594: Rethink yield_self's name
After a long consideration, I decided to pick `then` as an alias to `yield_self`.
As @zverok stated it describes int...
06:19 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12912: An endless range `(1..)`
The syntax appears a bit weird but far better than `1..Float::Infinity`.
I accept it.
05:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14559: ENV.slice
It seems OK to me.

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