Yukihiro Matsumoto





09:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13067 (Closed): TrueClass,FalseClass to provide `===` to match truthy/falsy values.
Compatibility issue was bigger than I expected. I withdraw this proposal.
09:00 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12957: A more OO way to create lambda Procs
The code above does not return a MyLamnda instance.
08:51 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12969: Allow optional parameter in String#strip and related
Removing pattern may not be set of single character, or may be complex.
Considering that, using regular expression i...
08:27 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12906: do/end blocks work with ensure/rescue/else
Although I am not a big fan of this syntax, mostly because I don't like fine grain exception handling.
But I found o...
08:17 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12929: ternary should look ahead w/in a block (and not care about newlines)
I don't think it's worth modifying the syntax. If you want to write complex conditional code, use if-statement.
07:56 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13064: Inconsistent behavior with `next` inside `begin`/`end` across different implementations.
mruby will be compatible with YARV soon.
07:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12933 (Closed): Add Some and Optional
I think it should be implemented in gem (at least for the beginning).
After the gen got popular, we can consider mak...
07:03 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12901: Anonymous functions without scope lookup overhead
The original idea changes the semantics of the language by keyword argument. I don't think that's a good idea.
Some ...
06:57 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12926: -l flag for line end processing should use chomp! instead of chop!
OK, accepted
This is because `-l` is older than `chomp`.
06:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #5481: Gemifying Ruby standard library
Go ahead and keep gemifying libraries discussing with their maintainer.

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