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10:28 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9390: Support for the ALPN TLS extension
Note that RFC 7301 has published:
HTTP/2 is nearing completion and requires AL...


04:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #7854: New method Symbol[string]
Let me just point out that this is the right way to solve a problem that we have in Ruby-based protocol implementatio...


04:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3924: Performance bug (in require?)
Well, you can't close both tickets as duplicates of each other.
Which one stays open? The Windows one or this one, ...


08:15 AM Ruby trunk Bug #3924 (Closed): Performance bug (in require?)
Running irb < /dev/null in 1.9.2 causes 3016 calls to lstat64.

For instance, there is a sequence of 28 ...


12:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #2567: Net::HTTP does not handle encoding correctly
The previous comments appear to be confused. If the web server indicates a charset in an HTTP Content-Type h...

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