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02:34 AM Ruby master Feature #15323: [PATCH] Proposal: Add Enumerable#filter_map
Could this take argument as well? I'd be keen for something in the spirit of `Enumerable#grep` but where an (optiona... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


05:56 AM Ruby master Misc #16114: Naming of "beginless range"
I hope this discussion leads to Ruby having Ranges congruent to all the mathematical intervals.
Today we have righ...
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


09:25 AM Ruby master Feature #16102: `Symbol#call`
I propose this general solution.
diff --git a/array.c b/array.c
index 3717c3ff34..3809af01cf 100644
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


02:54 AM Ruby master Feature #15975: Add Array#pluck
My apologies, yes, there was a cut-and-paste error on show for a few minutes, and you were quick enough to see it. I... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


07:13 AM Ruby master Feature #15975: Add Array#pluck
I think that's pretty limited. #pluck is a fairly crude method, fine for Rails but hardly befitting the Ruby standard... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


02:01 AM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
Please consider adjusting the precedence of the pipeline operator to be above that of assignment. I was surprised by ... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


04:22 AM Ruby master Feature #11076: Enumerable method count_by
A histogram refers to counts of items in ranges of otherwise continuous data. But this function is more general than ... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


12:56 AM Ruby master Feature #14423: Enumerator from single object
I agree with the abstract reasons, but for exactly those reasons I think #enumerate is a confusing and poorly chosen ... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


10:47 PM Ruby master Feature #14423: Enumerator from single object

looks like syntactic sugar for yield_self into an enumerator, c.f.
1.yield_self { |value|
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


09:32 PM Ruby master Feature #14197: `Enumerable#{select,reject}` accept a pattern argument
I have personally found it useful to implement Regexp#to_proc as in which perm... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)

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