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01:47 AM Ruby master Feature #19002: Explicit splat for enumerator kwarg blocks
I also had
``` ruby
module Enumerable
def **(proc) = each { |arg| proc[**arg] }
end ** ->(foo:, ba...
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)
01:12 AM Ruby master Feature #19002 (Open): Explicit splat for enumerator kwarg blocks
I'm renovating some 2.x-era code that relied heavily on autosplat for block kwargs. As we all know, this throws an Ar... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


12:23 AM Ruby master Feature #17000: 2.7.2 turns off deprecation warnings by default
I think deprecation warnings are necessary if, and only if, a feature or behaviour is going away in the lifespan of t... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


03:33 AM Ruby master Feature #16818: Rename `Range#%` to `Range#/`
I visualise a bag of grain. If I'm asked to divide it by three, I will make three piles of grain. If I'm asked to mod... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


11:43 PM Ruby master Feature #16818: Rename `Range#%` to `Range#/`
> x / y reads "divide x by y", not "divide x into y parts"
I'm not sure I understand the difference, but neverthel...
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


09:45 AM Ruby master Feature #16494: Allow hash unpacking in non-lambda Proc
I am another person with blocks affected in a production application codebase, found sixteen uses.
I see a cluster...
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


02:34 AM Ruby master Feature #15323: [PATCH] Proposal: Add Enumerable#filter_map
Could this take argument as well? I'd be keen for something in the spirit of `Enumerable#grep` but where an (optiona... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


05:56 AM Ruby master Misc #16114: Naming of "beginless range"
I hope this discussion leads to Ruby having Ranges congruent to all the mathematical intervals.
Today we have righ...
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


09:25 AM Ruby master Feature #16102: `Symbol#call`
I propose this general solution.
diff --git a/array.c b/array.c
index 3717c3ff34..3809af01cf 100644
inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)


02:54 AM Ruby master Feature #15975: Add Array#pluck
My apologies, yes, there was a cut-and-paste error on show for a few minutes, and you were quick enough to see it. I... inopinatus (Joshua GOODALL)

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