Lavir the Whiolet


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04:20 AM Ruby trunk Feature #8190 (Rejected): Truly parallel assignment
i = 0
s = [1,2,3]
i, s[i] =s[i], 7
p s
#=> [1, 7, 3]
s is expected to be [7, 2, 3...


06:44 PM Ruby trunk Bug #6978 (Closed): RDoc does not convert <Ruby_element>@<paragraph_name> to hyperlinks
With attached "test.rb" I issue command "rdoc test.rb" and gets some HTML doc. In the HTML doc I expect to see "Test@...


08:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #5630 (Rejected): Missing custom transfer modes in Net::FTP
Net::FTP supports binary and text transfer modes only but some systems support another modes. For example, EBCDIC mod...


06:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #615 (Rejected): "with" operator
"with" operator is required. It must work like an ordinary method which gets one arguemnt and a block. All e...

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