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04:36 AM Ruby master Bug #6077 (Closed): Segmentation faults on trunk after r34788
trunk fails to pass tests due to segmentation fauls, the issue seems to be introduced in r34788 ( antares (Michael Klishin)


02:23 PM Ruby master Bug #5868: make failed on i686-linux from Bitmap Marking GC
I've been told that this is the same issue we are seeing on!/ruby/ruby/builds/4... antares (Michael Klishin)


02:55 PM Ruby master Bug #5252: Segmentation Fault
Then you should check your proprietary extension for potentially missing GC guard: antares (Michael Klishin)
01:01 PM Ruby master Bug #5252: Segmentation Fault
Are you using any C extensions or libraries that may depend on C extensions? This looks like a well-know type of prob... antares (Michael Klishin)


02:39 AM Backport192 Backport #5099: Backport r31875 load path performance problem
Luis: I am sorry but this and YAML parser bug backports have been ignored for months. It is time to step up and bring... antares (Michael Klishin)
02:26 AM Backport192 Backport #5099: Backport r31875 load path performance problem
I second this request. It is surprising how little attention this performance regression had gotten. Many application... antares (Michael Klishin)


05:02 AM Ruby master Bug #5015: method_added" is called in addition to "method_undefined
Lazaridis Ilias: changing behaviors of the fundamental classes because of one use case doesn't feel right. In fact, i... antares (Michael Klishin)


10:58 PM Ruby master Bug #3924: Performance bug (in require?)
I second Hiroshi's suggestion to solve this for 1.9.x and not just 1.9.3. antares (Michael Klishin)


06:20 AM Ruby master Feature #5009: Bang method (!) consistency in Ruby 2 API
If this is a proposal for renaming aforementioned methods, it will break a lot of existing code. If the idea is to ad... antares (Michael Klishin)


11:13 PM Ruby master Feature #5005: Provide convenient access to original methods
When module is included into a class, Ruby adds a new anonymous (in a sense that it will be skipped by Cla...
antares (Michael Klishin)

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