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01:40 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11743 (Open): r52758 以降 config.guess がダウンロードできない
r52758 以降、以下のエラーで configu.guess がダウンロードできず、./configure できなくなりました。
./configure --prefix=/XXXXX
downloading co...
06:06 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11742 (Open): lib/webrick/utils.rb:196:in `register': ERROR RuntimeError: can't add a new ke...
1) Failure:
TestNetHTTP_v1_2_chunked#test_set_form [/home/rubyci/unstable...


03:00 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52736: * On Solaris, it is safe to define _LARGEFILE_SOURCE
when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 is defined (= when 32-bit compile).


10:59 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52722: * On Solaris, with gcc, "-std=iso9899:1999"
in $ansi_options is often also needed in CPPFLAGS,
because some feature definitions vary depending on such


01:09 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10974 (Closed): [PATCH] Remove methods which has suffix `!`(sin!, cos!…) from CMath
Applied in changeset r52715.
* lib/cmath.rb: methods which has suffix '!' are now deprecated.
Re-apply ...
01:09 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52715: * lib/cmath.rb: methods which has suffix '!' are now deprecated.
Re-apply r52469 made by Kazuki Tanaka, with fixing bug about
mathn.rb compatibility. [ruby-core:68528] [Feature #10...
09:01 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52713: * On Solaris, add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=n only when both
AC_TRY_CPP and AC_TRY_COMPILE pass, because some options
(e.g. -std=iso9899:1999) are not set when running C prepro...


04:37 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52703: * Add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 (or 600 or 700) on Solaris
if available, mainly for enabling some features in sockets.
04:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11728 (Closed): TestSocket#test_timestamp failure on Solaris 10 with -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500
Applied in changeset r52701.
* test/socket/test_socket.rb (test/socket/test_socket.rb): skip the test whe...
04:19 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52701: * test/socket/test_socket.rb (test/socket/test_socket.rb): skip the test when Soc...
Fix error on Solaris 10. [Bug #11728] [ruby-dev:49377]

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