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08:35 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14129: Feature Request: sockets - add support for recvmmsg
Is it possible to implement recvmmsg using other (popular) system calls?
07:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14141: Add a method to Exception for retrieving formatted exception for logging purpose (Exception#{formatted,display})
How about Exception#long_message or full_message ?


10:49 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14123: Kernel#pp by default
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote:
> Okay, my third try:
10:48 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60961 (trunk): Replace Kernel#pp after PP class is defined.
Avoid a race condition which a context switch
occur after replacing Kernel#pp but before
defining PP class.


09:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14016 (Rejected): URI IPv6 address can't be used to open socket
Use URI::HTTP.hostname which unwraps the bracket.
u = URI("http://[::1]/bar")
p u.hostname #=> "::1...
08:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4189: FileUtils#ln_r
After discussion at the developer meeting, cp_lr may be an consensus.
08:06 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13713 (Rejected): socketの便利メソッドのdatagramのUNIXSocket用対応


01:57 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4151 (Rejected): Enumerable#categorize
I think this is too complex proposal, now.
01:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6647: Exceptions raised in threads should be logged
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote:
> FWIW, I enabled Thread.report_on_exception = true by default in ruby/spec.
> I had ...
01:27 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9549 (Rejected): Improvements to Time::strptime

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