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10:02 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9569: SecureRandom should try /dev/urandom first
Bart de Water wrote:
> Akira Tanaka wrote:
> > Please update the man page first, if it is really out-dated.
> ...
09:35 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13016 (Feedback): String#gsub(hash)
09:34 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13016: String#gsub(hash)
Ruby has enough feature to implement String#hsub as Martin-sensei said.
However the performance of String#hsub is ...
09:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12745: String#(g)sub(!) should pass a MatchData to the block, not a String
How about String#gsb and String#sb ?
- gsb and sb are shorter and gsub and sub.
- gsb and sb is readable as g-sub...
08:40 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12957 (Feedback): A more OO way to create lambda Procs
It is not impossible to generate {} as lambda.
% ruby -e '
class MyLambda
class << MyLamb...
07:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12912 (Feedback): An endless range `(1..)`
I think Integer#step and Array#drop is enough for many situations.
I agree these methods are not so intuitive.


07:15 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12913: A way to configure the default maximum width of pp
I think pp is not only for debug.
I guess someone use it for logging, for example.
So, I think global configurati...
06:05 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12809 (Rejected): passing a proc to Kernel#lambda does not create a lambda
Current behavior is intentional design.
If "lambda" change the lambda-ness of the given block,
the author of "pro...
05:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 57133: [DOC] itemize values for half option of Float#round.


08:29 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13016: String#gsub(hash)
Is str.gsub(map) a shortcut for str.gsub(Regexp.union(map.keys)) { map[$&] } ?

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