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02:02 PM Ruby trunk Misc #13915 (Open): Updated docs of ThreadGroup
Prefer '' over 'Class::new' in documentation.


02:42 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13303: String#any? as !String#empty?
> and understand there's Array#any?.
This is a misconception, `Array#any?` does not check if the array is empty, b...


12:15 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12995: Conditional expression taking a receiver outside the condition
You can do that with #tap. A very stupid example:
array = [true]
res = array.to_a.tap do |obj|
if obj...


07:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12753: Useful operator to check bit-flag is true or false
I can't say the usage of `bittest?` is directly clear to me. Does it test if resulting integer is not equal to `0`? A...


11:39 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12969: Allow optional parameter in String#strip and related
The concrete use case that I got was that I wanted to replace all trailing whitespace, but leave tabs/newlines etc un...
10:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12969 (Open): Allow optional parameter in String#strip and related
`String#strip` and related methods have a hardcoded match on whitespace, defined as "null, horizontal tab, line feed,...
10:13 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12964: Add sub? and gsub? method to string class.
I don't really see how this would be any different from `match?`
Beside that, the semantics are a bit ambiguous. `...


07:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9209: Struct instances creatable with named args
This looks like a duplicate of #11925 (or maybe the other way around, but the other ticket includes more information)
06:58 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11925: Struct construction with kwargs
What about `new_from_kwargs(**kwargs)` ? It's a bit long, but it describes the functionality exactly.


09:40 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12495: Make "private" return the arguments again, for chaining
> Only `private`, not `public`, `protected` and `module_function`?
`private`, `public` and `protected` all use `se...

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