shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




05:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13302 (Open): Provide a (force) --enable-openssl switch for ruby ./configure (or similar)
I am currently setting up a lot of programs on a fresh installation.
Ruby compiles fine but I am having some probl...


08:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13288: mingw issues with 57789
Have we found the code-culprit though or was it a Heisenbug fix? :)
I mean it may be obvious now that one commit b...
08:27 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13290: A method to use a hash like in a case construction
I love case/when menus, so I am all for suggestions that make case/when more
useful, so I also support this (even if...


12:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13277: Ruby 2.4.0 gem server 2.6.8
I guess when a new ruby main release will happen, the distributed gem in the bundle will also be
updated. The last r...


04:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13272: Keyword argument to instantiate a subclass of Struct
I agree it is easier to read.
In the other thread, Shyouhei Urabe said that nobody at the developer
meeting was a...


08:22 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13270: IRB hangs when printing "\e]"
Is this darwin-specific? It appears to work fine on my linux system here.
ruby 2.4.0p0 (2016-12-24 revision 57164)...


11:16 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13262: Docs of core classes (Math and others) are shadowed by mathn.rb docs
Very interesting find. I would not have thought that this is a possibility.
May I ask how you did discover this?
11:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13260: Kernel#Boolean
> I think we have lots of occasions to receive a true or false value as a string input, and
> want to convert it to ...
11:04 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13259: Kernel#Date
I have nothing against it per se but what happens to the Date namespace?
People may be confused when they see Date...


12:08 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13256: Gemify etc

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