Robert A. Heiler


Reported issues: 35


11:47 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10982: Clarify location of NoMethod error
I think ruby warnings do not start with capitalized character such as in "The" :)
By the way your two examples are...
11:45 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10984: Hash#contain? to check whether hash contains other hash
I have no particular pro or contra opinion. I merely wish to think that #include? is a better name because Array also...


07:56 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10927: [PATCH] Add default empty string to string replacements
I don't think this is likely to get in because it breaks backwards compatibility.
The prior usage could well be a ...
07:52 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10924: String#b
I think that, the name aside, this would be a wonderful example for different
namespaces and restoring to the old de...


03:56 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10882: Provide Levenshtein distance implementation as part of stdlib
I would like to see this too - Levensthein distance is used a lot in Bioinformatics to calculate the edit distance be...


02:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10720 (Open): A proposal for something like: attr_reader :foo? - with the trailing '?...
Hi guys,
Sorry to burden you with another suggestion, no problem
if it is not accepted, I wanted to just make it....


03:14 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10683: fix inconsistent behavior of Kernel.Hash()
Interesting. [] is indeed treated differently than
TypeError: can't convert Array into Hash


05:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10663 (Open): Consider adding support for String input to File. methods
Consider a file called 'test.rb'
We can change its permission with File.chmod like so:
File.chmod 444,'t...


04:13 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10645 (Open): Consider adding support of .first to MatchData object like MatchData[0]
Lately I was using match data
test_string = "<h6>This is heading 6</h6>"
match = /\<h\d+\>(.+)\<\/h\d+\>...


05:51 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10612: Documentation: Document behaviour of Hash#invert
For those of you who don't want to click on the link above, here
is the copy paste of the official documentation of ...

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