Robert A. Heiler




07:44 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12283: Obsolete ChangeLog and commit message in Git-style
I personally have no preference either way.
I should however had also note that I like the current changelog forma...
07:41 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12357: Random#initialize with a String
07:40 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12361: Proposal: add Geo::Coord class to standard library
Would it actually not be better to instead add one or two methods to time, date or datetime?
I guess your proposal...
07:37 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12365 (Open): [DOC] Suggestion to change FileUtils.compare_file
The documentation at:


04:29 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12334: Final/Readonly Support for Fields / Instance Variables
What is a "field"?


06:19 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12319: `Module#const_get` does not accept symbol with nested name
I am also for keeping symbols simple! I love symbols, I abuse them a
lot in my ruby code to yield special instructio...
06:16 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12317: Name space of a module
Interesting. I am indifferent to it, but possibly lean towards giving a +1.
In some of my classes, I use a module ...


07:01 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12306: Implement String #blank? #present? and improve #strip and family to handle unicode
Just one comment, not related to the suggestion itself but to one
other comment made above.
Richard Schneeman wr...


12:41 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12305: "can't remove str from str_id" at unregister_sym
I think it is difficult to track it down if it only appears sometimes.
Perhaps you find some way to trigger it mor...


06:09 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12298: Indeterministic ruby behavior when another thread is killed
Hmm. Although the report was already rejected, and even if we all may agree that
the honeybadger code was not brill...

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