Robert A. Heiler




07:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12858 (Open): Supporting batch-requiring of files in ruby
Hello. This is a very short proposal, unlike some of my previous
ones; and it also is hopefully possibly better than...


05:54 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12848 (Assigned): Crazy idea: Allow regex definition for methods (Do not take it serious...
Me again, sorry - only crazy ideas coming about as of late here.
### Crazy idea: Allow regex definition for method...


10:39 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12843 (Open): Proposal to add a new method to class File in order to determine the name ...
We currently have `File.basename()` and `File.dirname()`, both of which
work very well and are quite useful when wor...


09:27 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11286: [PATCH] Add case equality arity to Enumerable's sequence predicates.
I like this one in particular:
I am not so sure about:
09:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12817 (Open): Consider adding method .sample() on class Hash (if this was not yet proposed)
Hello ruby core team and all who may read this.
Some time ago, I think in ruby 1.8.x, the method .sample() was add...


05:47 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12790: Better inspect for stdlib classes
That the object id is displayed also used to confuse me. I adjusted to it
so it is fine but I don't think I ever rea...
05:41 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12786: String#casecmp?
I think .eql? is not a good name because it chops away characters.
Imagine if we would have .sz or .sz? rather tha...


02:02 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12770: Hash#left_merge
I think that the name appears to be a bit strange - if we have a left_merge, do we have a right_merge, an up_merge, a...


03:04 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12762: missing links in LEGAL
The wayback machine idea sounds good.
In addition to that, perhaps for links that may no longer exist, one could m...
03:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12760: Optional block argument for `itself`
> But, to be completely honest, I'm fascinated by how this simple, easy to
> implement and useful functionality have...

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