shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




10:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13834: RubyGems test suite occasionally changes working directory and breaks the rest of test suite
I think the github "ticket" is not as useful as the issue track here; I may mistakingly remember
but I think that so...


12:44 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13820: Add a nill coalescing operator
I am not sure that using a special-purpose operator would make a lot of sense.
I myself use nil primarily as means...
02:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12733: Bundle bundler to ruby core
I think that this is a pretty big undertaking, irrelevant of pros or cons
to it (which surely exist).
Bundler is ...


06:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13795: Hash#select return type does not match Hash#find_all
> Ruby has been not backwards-compatible in several releases, so I don't see that as
> a reason per se to not entert...
04:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13807: A method to filter the receiver against some condition
I have no particular pro or con opinion about your proposal, but I just
want to say that the last variant is not ver...
03:58 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13802: break inside loop is not working as expected
Yes, works as the code specifies, not a bug, so misfiled.
I anyone wants to test via copy/paste into IRB, here is ...
03:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13805: Make refinement scoping to be like that of constants
I do not think that issue #4085 necessarily has to be the "one and only one true refinement", in
particular if we k...


09:25 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13799: ENV.dup returns a plain Object
Interesting. does not mention #dup so perhaps this comes
from Hash or so...
09:19 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13789: Dir - methods
I am having difficulties understanding your proposal.
If I understand it correctly, you propose to add one or more...


09:09 PM Ruby trunk Misc #13787 (Open): The path to Ruby 3.x - would it be useful to have a separate thread here at the tracker, for discussions and issues and ideas related to ruby 3.x?
Hello everyone but especially so the whole ruby-core team,
This is very long, so if you just want the short gist, ...

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