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01:59 PM Ruby master Bug #16352: Marshal limit of >= 2 GiB
> I don't understand the motivation of this limit and has a great impact in libraries that need to serialize large ob... shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)
01:54 PM Ruby master Feature #16356: Method#inspect of argument forwarding
> But names (e.g. literal :* and :&) should be excluded from parameters output anyways, right?
I am not matz, nor ...
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04:14 PM Ruby master Feature #13083: Regexp#{match,match?} with a nil argument are deprecated and will raise a TypeError in Ruby 3.0
Dan0042 wrote:
> Is there a benefit to the change apart from consistency? A concrete benefit I mean.
This is on...
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)
04:08 PM Ruby master Feature #16348: Proposal: Symbol#start_with?, Symbol#end_with?, and Symbol#include?
I have no particular pro/con opinion. When it comes to class `Symbol`, though, I believe
that this is is a design de...
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09:22 AM Ruby master Feature #16345: Don't emit deprecation warnings by default.
By the way on the API itself suggested by Akira, I think it seems sensible.
These ones I meant:
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)
09:21 AM Ruby master Feature #16345: Don't emit deprecation warnings by default.
I have no huge, strong preference either way because I feel you can find use cases and advantages with
either way. T...
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11:43 PM Ruby master Feature #16341: Proposal: Set#to_proc and Hash#to_proc
> this change is just nice-to-have sugar. I don't expect it to
> become a thing.
The ruby core team often points ...
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)


01:03 PM Ruby master Misc #16333: DevelopersMeeting20191112Online to confirm Ruby 2.7 spec
Sorry for the question, I assume this here is meant mostly for core devs:
Will there be some kind of summary in en...
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04:00 PM Ruby master Feature #1089: Stable sorting for sort and sort_by
sawa wrote:
> Do you really mean it's sad? Or do you mean it's said?
I think he meant "sad", rather than "said"...
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12:56 AM Ruby master Feature #16296: Alternative behavior for `...` in method body if `...` is not in method definition
This proposal would change ... though and add a new meaning.
People then have to remember that ... can be omitted in...
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