shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




06:04 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13693: Allow String#to_i and / or Kernel::Integer to parse e-notation
I think you are right, due to the behaviour of '1e+3'.to_i alone. Perhaps it was forgotten?
06:00 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13691: Word- and symbol array literals not valid where regular array is
Hmm you are right. That's interesting. I may be wrong but this may possibly be a limitation of the
parser, otherwise...
05:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13692: Array#index?
I am not sure if there is a huge need for it - and I am usually saying yes to lots of stuff. :)
I think another pr...


08:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13683: Add strict Enumerable#single
I am not against or in favour of it but just a question.
What would the results be for the following code? In ruby...
07:56 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13685: Update Unicode data to Unicode Version 10.0.0
Yay! More Emoji tokens to create games in pure ruby with these tokens! :D
One day I shall have a game with the uni...


05:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13677: Add more details to error "Name or service not known (SocketError)"
In general I agree that error messages should be as useful as possible.
(By the way, I think if you indent ruby co...


03:57 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13675: Should Zlib::GzipReader#ungetc accept nil?
I like symmetry. :)
03:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13676: to_s method is not overriden for Set
I have no pro or con opinion. I did however had want to compare Set to Array and the two behave differently.


08:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13665: String#delete_suffix
I think the method's functionality is good to have.


01:37 PM Ruby trunk Misc #13659 (Third Party's Issue): Keeping track of officially supported versions by the ruby bin...
Hello ruby core-team and others,
Would it be possible to keep track of the versions that are officially supported

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