shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




01:29 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14919: Add String#byteinsert
I don't have a specific opinion on the suggestion itself; Martin raised some valid
points, in my opinion. But I want...


04:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14912: Introduce pattern matching syntax
I have one question:
- Is the above exclusive for "in" in case, or can it be
combined with "when"?
E. g.:
04:35 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14913: Extend case to match several values at once
I don't have a big pro or con opinion on the functionality itself.
However had, for the alternative syntax of:


03:43 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12306: Implement String #blank? #present? and improve #strip and family to handle unicode
Sam suggested the topic to be discussed at the next upcoming ruby
developer meeting here recently:


06:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14904: Make it possible to run instance_eval with zero-arguments lambda
I have no particular pro or con opinion on the suggestion itself.
I want to comment on one part though:
> I've ...


07:05 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14887: Array#delete_if does not use #delete
This is actually a (to me) quite interesting discussion. I want to comment on
a very few things but of course I'll k...


10:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14896: Expose Net::HTTPResponse socket for integration with libraries expecting an IO
I have nothing useful to add to the issue at hand as I only very
rarely use Net:: directly (my use cases usually sta...


07:24 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14891: Pathname#join has different behaviour to File.join
This behaviour surprised me too. Is it expected that the information from "/a"
is lost? I have no idea but the docum...


03:59 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14889: TracePoint for :line never seems to trigger on argument list. Maybe by design?
I don't have anything overly helpful to the discussion to add; but I wanted
to add one thing to this:
> We usuall...


06:40 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14878: Add command line argument to deactivate JIT
I guess it may have already been on Takashi's todo list but he is like doing
lots of changes as-is.

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