shevegen (Robert A. Heiler)




01:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14612: IPv6 address inconsistency (downcase vs. upcase)
Is there a standard that mandates or prefers either variant?
If not then perhaps ruby should decide on which varia...


04:08 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14611: Exotic method parameters bug
I did not know that either.
I guess the problem was that bogdan was using variables with
a leading '_'.
With t...


11:18 PM Ruby trunk Misc #14610: Enhance Proc docs
> If my class documentation would be accepted,
You added a lot more examples too if I understand the pa...
12:21 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14608: Regexp::union and forward slashes
Interesting. I would have expected them to be the same.
Would be nice if it could be explained in the official doc...


03:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14603: Better error message when double-splatting hash with string keys
Ideally we could have some means to control the warning/error format. That
way people could select which variant to ...


07:42 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14602: Version of dig that raises error if a key is not present
I think this may be somewhat problematic since it does not appear
to fit to other methods that end with a "!", such...
05:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11473: Immutable String literal in Ruby 3
Since this will soon be discussed in the upcoming ruby developer
meeting, I only wanted to add two small things:


01:24 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14587: math library functions should NOT raise exceptions
The explanations and reasons have been stated and given already, Tectract.
See the comments made by bdewater or mr...


01:50 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14594: Rethink yield_self's name
I agree to your statement that yield_self is not a good, descriptive
Though I have to admit that I never us...
02:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14579: Hash value omission
I agree with Matthew.
I understand the suggestion trying to make the syntax even more succinct
(less to type) but...

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