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03:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14020 (Open): Not really a bug, more a warning - in net/ftp.rb line 331, unused variable sock
Hello ruby folks,
Just a tiny warning after I compiled the latest svn from source:


01:31 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14015: Enumerable & Hash yielding arity
Perhaps ruby 3.x?
To be honest, while I agree with Marc here, if only for consistency, I
think it is probably not...
04:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14016: URI IPv6 address can't be used to open socket
> if someone be so kind as to edit/replace the original description,
> I'd be very thankful.
I think there may be...


01:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14012: NameError is raised when use class variables in Refinements
I have no idea if this is a bug or a feature, but I believe it seems more
of a bug. The @@variables should be access...
02:45 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14010: RubyVM logic in forwardable backported to 2.3, not removed
Makes sense.


05:01 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14006: 2.5.0preview1でWarning.warnを再定義するとSystemStackErrorが発生する
Sorry that I distract, please ignore me :) - that kanji ッ looks like a smiley face!
No wonder matz recognized the ...
04:54 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14007: open mode 'x' to raise error if file exists
Might be interesting. I have nothing against it but I guess matz and the ruby core team have to decide on whether it ...
01:58 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14004: ri confused by method aliases and by Queue versus Thread::Queue
I think I noticed that in regards to aliased-method names some time ago, but it does not appear with all aliased name...


05:54 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14002: libruby soname is changing in Ruby 2.4.x while it should always be
I had a look at the link provided above at the bug-entry of red hat, mentioning how vim links in to ruby and does not...


10:04 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13992: Strange behaviour for kernel#integer method
Docu is at:
Perhaps the octal-notation could also be put...

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