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06:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13518: Indented multiline comments
I have no particular pro or con opinion here (I do not use =begin or =end anyway,
only '#') but would this even be p...
06:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13516: Improve the text of the circular require warning
I am not sure if this particular message is better or not - but I agree with you in
general. To me this was a source...


10:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13501: Process.kill behaviour for negative pid is not documented and may be wrong
Agreed - the behaviour should also be documented. Not that I think anyone wants to use a
negative PID (how is that e...


07:10 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13383: [PATCH] Module#source_location
I am also for this if it is easily possible.
I remember many years ago in the ruby 1.8.x days, before pry,
I twi...


08:02 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13395: Add a method to check for not nil
I think that these discussions come up with some frequency; if I recall correctly,
Tsuyoshi Sawada was proposing som...


09:00 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13393: New comment syntax
I like colours. Even on first april so I have to take it almost literally as a real proposal.
(Actually after waking...


05:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13333: block to yield
> Out of curiosity: What's the use case(s)?
Could be simply due to reciprocity. :)


08:32 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13303: String#any? as !String#empty?
Actually the name .nonempty? is easier to understand than .any? in this
context, or non-empty strings.
I think th...


05:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13302 (Closed): Provide a (force) --enable-openssl switch for ruby ./configure (or similar)
I am currently setting up a lot of programs on a fresh installation.
Ruby compiles fine but I am having some probl...


08:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13288: mingw issues with 57789
Have we found the code-culprit though or was it a Heisenbug fix? :)
I mean it may be obvious now that one commit b...

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