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10:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15144: Enumerator#chain
> Obviously, the effect could be reached with flat_map
I always found that name weird so ... assumingly that it is...
10:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15145: chained mappings proposal
(I think you filed this in the wrong section; right now it is under Bugs, but it looks
like a feature so it should ...


11:06 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15123: Enumerable#compact proposal
I think if the meaning is consistent (e. g. .compact meaning to eliminate
nil values from a given collection) then t...


09:44 AM Ruby trunk Bug #15118: Method [] & []= does not respect frozen_string_literal: true comment
I just tested with this code:
#!/System/Index/bin/ruby -w
# Encoding: ISO-8859-1
# froz...


08:35 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14097: Add union and difference to Array
Funny idea with the picture. :D
08:33 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15022: Oneshot coverage
I think the consensus at the last ruby developer meeting in September 2018 was to go for
it (
04:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13618: [PATCH] auto fiber schedule for rb_wait_for_single_fd and rb_waitpid
Thread::Light sounds ok to me personally. I think the more informal name "Lite"
may have some people wonder about th...
04:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15112: Introdudce the new singleton method STDERR.p
I agree with both what Kenta Murata and what Jeremy Evans wrote (to explain,
I have no personal preference; I think ...
03:53 PM Ruby trunk Misc #15109: Improve safe navigation operator's docs
I think it is good to have more documentation. I would however
had perhaps replace the word Python with Ruby (or Duc...
03:49 PM Ruby trunk Feature #15113: Show warnings on unused blocks with Enumerable#all? any? one? none?
I think nobu committed it already (if it is the same one)

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