Robert A. Heiler




02:00 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12046: Allow attr_reader :foo? to define instance method foo? for accessing @foo
Yay! Sometimes things just take a while. :)
12:47 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12043: Add a method to NoMethodError that tells if private methods are callable at the t...
Good suggestion IMHO, +1
The did_you_mean gem is great. If distinguishing between "()" and no "" will
make things...


10:47 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12038: Please add documentation to open-uri showing how to obtain an attachment
al2o3-cr on IRC showed the solution:
File.write('foo.txt', open("
10:45 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12038 (Third Party's Issue): Please add documentation to open-uri showing how to obtain ...
The current documentation for open-uri is at:
I a...


08:29 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Hmm I was wanting to write a long reply just now about how I dislike this
code of conduct, but then I read that the ...


08:44 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12005: Unify Fixnum and Bignum into Integer
I like the idea behind it. \o/
Would probably make more sense too if the defining difference for it
used to be du...
08:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12010: Exclude dot and dotdot from Dir#each
> default it to include to make migration easier
I dunno. I never found a usecase for `'.'` and `'..'` so I would ...


04:05 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11934: A feature to drop dynamics dynamically
It would be nice to fine-tune some of ruby's behaviour like that.
So I am encouraging all ideas similar as to the ...


03:56 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11882: Map or NamedMap
I concur with Hampton Catlin for the most part (save for the
name "Map", that is not a good name IMO).
I assume t...


10:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11781 (Open): Would it be possible to alias .prepend() towards .unshift() for class Arra...
For Strings we can do:
abc = 'world!'
abc[0,0] = 'Hello '
abc # => "Hello world!"
For A...

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