Robert A. Heiler




05:42 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12715: Allow ruby hackers to omit having to specify class or module mandatory, if they k...
I forgot to add, in the above example:
modify Foo::Bar; def self.new_method; puts 'a new method!'
05:38 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12715 (Open): Allow ruby hackers to omit having to specify class or module mandatory, if...
Hello - I try to be somewhat short, as much as possible.
In ruby we have classes and modules. We can do module Foo...


07:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12698: Method to delete a substring by regex match
I assume that this makes sense; my only concern is that ruby people may
be confused as to what to use. We have lots ...


11:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12697: Why shouldn't Module meta programming methods be public?
This is somewhat an interesting comment made here, epecially in regards to .send().
Take code snippets such as her...


09:11 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12659: Readline: expose rl_char_is_quoted_p setting
If I understand it correctly then you provide a wrapper that is currently not part of ruby readline module yes?


11:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12635 (Rejected): Shuffling/Reassigning "namespaces" more easily
Push a namespace into another namespace
Consider this code here:
class Konsole; def initialize; p...


06:04 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12624: !== (other)
I don't have any particular strong pro or con opinion here, but I should like to note that my bad eyes have it not so...


07:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12626: Add ceiling alias for ceil on Numeric objects
I do not have any particular pro or con opinion here; personally I would continue to use .ceil but if other people us...


11:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12587: ruby released tarball require ruby
> Needing Ruby to bootstrap Ruby is indeed an issue
Official releases such as:


05:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12591 (Open): Allow ruby to either catch misspelled "ailas" statements or, possibly more...
Hello ruby-core team.
I lately had a strange error message.
The code was like this (I made a shorter example so...

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