Robert A. Heiler




05:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13241: Method(s) to access Unicode properties for characters/strings
Jan Lelis wrote:
> I think, it should be always plural methods which return a list of properties used in the
> st...


07:00 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13236: Ruby segfault
Some bugs are just like that - they exist somewhere out there but they are hard
to find or reproduce. Almost real he...


05:16 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13221: [PATCH] gems/bundled_gems: add "curses" RubyGem
Here is the link to when curses was removed:
I guess this is where two...
05:07 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13229: [DOC] Add document title for extension.rdoc
I guess there is no shortage on developers who are able to use written japanese AND written
english. :)
05:06 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13219: bug in Math.sqrt(n).to_i, to compute integer squareroot, new word to accurately ...
I can not evaluate whether the above is correct or not (not saying that it is not,
I just simply do not know), but I...


11:23 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13220: Enhance support of Unicode strings manipulation
Radovan Smitala, an example for splitting up into subsections could be seen here:


06:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13207: Allow keyword local variable names like `class` or `for`
I don't have any pro or con on the proposal itself. I also have no idea if
this is a difficult change or whether mat...


08:15 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13208: and
I think the method is fine but of course that is just my own opinion,
the core team and matz will decide that.


09:05 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13072: Current state of date standard library
Just wanted to add - for a new user of ruby, it may be confusing to
know the difference between Time, Date, DateTime...
08:59 AM Ruby trunk Feature #5481: Gemifying Ruby standard library
Looks as if this ticket may soon be resolved/finished after 5 years. :)
The only one on the todo list above is "Re...

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