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04:43 PM Ruby master Bug #18185: BasicObject is inserted in the middle of the inheritance tree.
This looks like a duplicate of to me. Granted, this has more info about what ... ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


09:03 PM Ruby master Feature #18136: take_while_after
I don't want to detract from the content of the proposal, nor do I want to bikeshed the name, but personally, `take_w... ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


10:09 PM Ruby master Feature #17743: Show argument types in backtrace
p8 (Petrik de Heus) wrote in #note-3:
> ```
> from hi.rb:2:in `say_hi' called with NilClass, Numeric, String
> ```...
ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


02:18 PM Ruby master Bug #17630: '+' doesn't work correctly for some floats (x.07 + y.4 will give z.46999999999997 instead of z.47)
You might also want to take a look at this: ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


01:09 AM Ruby master Bug #17536: Segfault in `CFUNC :define_method`
This looks like the segvs we were observing, which was fixed by (and PR https... ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


10:34 PM Ruby master Feature #17496: Add constant Math::TAU
I also don't understand why `Math::TAU` needs to be added to Ruby, even though I am familiar with the manifesto and t... ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


07:44 PM Ruby master Bug #17354: Module#const_source_location is misleading for constants awaiting autoload
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote in #note-6:
> An example. You can ignore the result of `const_source_location` if `autoloa...
ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)
12:16 PM Ruby master Bug #17354: Module#const_source_location is misleading for constants awaiting autoload
@mame In my use-case, I would very much like `Module#const_source_location` to tell me where the constant is loaded o... ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


07:44 PM Ruby master Bug #17321: Having a singleton class makes cloning imperfect
@jeremyevans0 Thanks for closing the issue.
Can we get this fix backported to 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 please? As noted in ...
ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)


12:25 PM Ruby master Feature #17326: Add Kernel#must! to the standard library
Given that Ruby 3 will ship with RBS which will be supplanted with a type-checker based on RBS (Steep) soon, I expect... ufuk (Ufuk Kayserilioglu)

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