mistydemeo (Misty De Meo)




09:46 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13572 (Closed): Please backport r53400 to 2.3
r53400 fixes a bug in which `includedir`, instead of `oldincludedir`, is inappropriately prefixed with `SDKROOT`. Thi...


01:51 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13413 (Assigned): --with-static-linked-ext doesn't install extension files on `make install`
When compiling Ruby using the --with-static-linked-ext option, ext content is not installed into Ruby's lib directory...


11:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13400 (Rejected): mcontext struct has differently-named members in OS X 10.4
The `mcontext` struct, used by Ruby in `signal.c` and `vm_dump.c`, has a different structure in OS X 10.4 than it doe...


05:10 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9920 (Rejected): Ruby does not support Unicode 6.0 emoji, only private-use area Unicode emoji
Translating emoji characters between Unicode and encodings like Shift JIS uses Unicode characters in the private-use ...


09:48 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9665 (Closed): Ruby 2.1.1 fails to build on PowerPC darwin, due to __builtin_unreachable
Ruby 2.1.1 (and possibly a few older versions) fails to build on PowerPC Darwin using Apple-provided GCCs. When linki...


06:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9492 (Closed): ruby won't build on Mac OS X versions before 10.6 - pthread_setname_np() not ...
The following commit added a usage of the pthread_setname_np() function on Darwin to set the timer thread name: https...


02:32 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7365 (Closed): File::NULL is not in documentation
The File::NULL / IO::NULL constant is not documented in either the File or IO documentation.


11:38 PM Ruby trunk Feature #6321: Find and repair bad bytes in encodings, without transcoding
I agree with jrochkind - I think this would be a very useful feature to have. It's not uncommon, when working with di...


05:50 AM Ruby trunk Bug #5626 (Closed): io/console: Cannot disable raw mode
There doesn't seem to be a way to disable tty raw mode from within a Ruby script. The tty can be stuck in raw mode on...


10:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #5602 (Closed): io/console methods are not listed in top-level IO documentation
It's very hard to find the methods that apply to IO.console from the new 'io/console' library.

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