Jeremy Kemper


Reported issues: 15


06:37 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9112: Make module lookup more dynamic (Including modules into a module after it has alre...
See #1586
1. allow multiple inclusion
1. propagate when a module includes a module
Both have been (basica...


02:15 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9800: Ship 2.1.2 with GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR of 1.3
I'm running Ruby 2.1.2 with `GC_HEAP_OLDOBJECT_LIMIT_FACTOR = 1.3` with good results, but I didn't do a thorough surv...


10:24 PM Ruby trunk Feature #2542: URI lib should be updated to RFC 3986
In RFC 3986, square brackets are no longer allowed in the query part.
Source of the unescaped brackets, in this ca...


01:13 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9778: Bring shortcut methods to Hash
`Hash#+` rejected in #6225. Also see #7739 for `Hash#|`.


08:22 PM CommonRuby Feature #9686: Syntax for symbols used in hashes
See #4276


08:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #8335: Performance regression with many threads
Mike - also fixed @


07:07 AM Ruby trunk Bug #8243: ruby-debug-base fails because a function is no longer exported
Hey Eric -
@ko1 updated it to use the new Ruby 2 debugging API!
See the debugger2 branch:


02:08 PM Ruby trunk Bug #8211: Performance regression of method calls
David, this looks a lot like the CFLAGS issues folks were hitting with rvm. Essentially, getting unoptimized Ruby bui...


05:56 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7818: Ruby 2.0.0-rc2 is not compatible with openssl 1.0.1d.
This is working for me:
2.0.0-rc2 ~ ruby -ropenssl -e 'puts RUBY_DESCRIPTION, OpenSSL::OPENSSL_VERSION'
ruby 2.0....


10:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #5759: flatten calls to_ary on everything
> class Baz; def respond_to?(s, x) super unless s == :to_ary end end
=> nil
> [].flatten
=> [#<Baz:0x007f8d...

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