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10:12 AM Backport200 Backport #8071: Ruby 2.0 ./configure fails with syntax error on Illumos distributions
This bug looks almost like bug #7959 (configure problem with OpenBSD). This bug might not be exactly the same, so I ...
10:06 AM Backport200 Backport #7959: configure contains non-portable shell code
Hello, Rubyists. This fix is not working for me. I am still getting this bug, or a very similar bug.
I a...
08:32 AM ruby-trunk Feature #7998: "def" should return a value (the symbol of the method name) instead of nil
I have a problem with this feature.
module Frog
private def self.sound


08:31 AM ruby-trunk Bug #7789 (Closed): test_setsid fails for OpenBSD
TestProcess#test_setsid always fails because OpenBSD doesn't allow Process::getsid(pid) when the pid is in a ...


10:48 AM ruby-trunk Bug #7606 (Closed): gcc -pie configure check is broken for OpenBSD/amd64
I can use PIE if I compile with gcc -fPIE and link with gcc -pie. Ruby's configure script tries to enable PI...


06:04 AM ruby-trunk Feature #6361: Bitwise string operations
A new BinaryString (or Blob) class would entail several changes. For example, Array#pack and IO#read(n) would...


03:48 AM ruby-trunk Bug #6290 (Closed): Matrix#hermitian? fails to check diagonal elements
A Hermitian matrix is equal to its own conjugate transpose.
matrix == matrix.conj.t
The bug is that Ma...


04:43 AM ruby-trunk Feature #6243: Make ERB Ruby's Super Power
The original poster's code (for ERB) fails with SyntaxError.
This code (for plain Ruby) works:
class Let...


11:10 AM ruby-trunk Feature #5922: Migrate equal? to identical?
The name of #equal? is part of a pattern.
In Common Lisp:
(eq a b) ; most strict
(eql a b)


03:46 AM ruby-trunk Feature #6070: The scope of for loop variables
This patch (for_loop_scope_fix_0224.diff) introduces a confusing change. With current Ruby, for loops and loo...

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