George Koehler


Reported issues: 7


10:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9891: infinite fibers crash Ruby
I have only tried on OpenBSD. I updated ruby to
ruby 2.2.0dev (2014-11-29 trunk 48638) [x86_64-openbsd5.6]


12:49 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9945: Segmentation fault when defining recursive method
My rubies don't reproduce this bug:
$ ruby -v
ruby 2.2.0dev (2014-06-07 trunk 46369) [x86_64-openbsd5.5]
$ ...


02:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9909: why shouldn't constant lookup check the nesting of module's name
See discussion in feature #6810.


01:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9447: Bad interaction between Fibers and Trap handlers in Ruby > 2.0.0
I found this bug report while searching for another bug.
This seems a bug in the Alarm implementation, not a bug i...


10:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9891 (Assigned): infinite fibers crash Ruby
When a program makes too many fibers, Ruby crashes. I found this bug while playing with an Enumerator that recursivel...


12:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9777: Feature Proposal: Proc#to_lambda
Beware! The answer on Stack Overflow ( is wrong, because it does not preserve the ...


10:12 AM Backport200 Backport #8071: Ruby 2.0 ./configure fails with syntax error on Illumos distributions
This bug looks almost like bug #7959 (configure problem with OpenBSD). This bug might not be exactly the same, so I ...
10:06 AM Backport200 Backport #7959: configure contains non-portable shell code
Hello, Rubyists. This fix is not working for me. I am still getting this bug, or a very similar bug.
I a...
08:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #7998: "def" should return a value (the symbol of the method name) instead of nil
I have a problem with this feature.
module Frog
private def self.sound


08:31 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7789 (Closed): test_setsid fails for OpenBSD
TestProcess#test_setsid always fails because OpenBSD doesn't allow Process::getsid(pid) when the pid is in a ...

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