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09:33 AM Ruby master Bug #17594: Sort order of UTF-16LE is based on binary representation instead of codepoints
Real high-quality string searching would need language information, because sorting differs by language (e.g. German ... duerst (Martin Dürst)


12:13 AM Ruby master Feature #16989: Sets: need ♥️
marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune) wrote in #note-26:
> I still don't see the benefit of not simply having `Set` in co...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


04:39 AM Ruby master Bug #17517: File.expand_path returns us-ascii when both arguments are ascii compat
Fix a typo in subject. duerst (Martin Dürst)


09:22 AM Ruby master Feature #17473: Make Pathname to embedded class of Ruby
hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) wrote in #note-9:
> I'm not sure how embedded pure-Ruby implementation to core classes. The...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


08:43 AM Ruby master Bug #17420: Unsafe mutation of $" when doing non-RubyGems require in Ractor
I agree that it would be best to make require work everywhere, but always be executed in the main Reactor. That would... duerst (Martin Dürst)
02:25 AM Ruby master Bug #17477: Ractor and pp incompatibility
My preference would be to make `require` work everywhere, but always be executed in the main Reactor. That would just... duerst (Martin Dürst)


07:01 AM Ruby master Bug #17409: Endless range of dates stuck on include? when miss
zverok (Victor Shepelev) wrote in #note-1:
> Nothing specific to dates there, and not a bug.
> This is just how...
duerst (Martin Dürst)


06:56 AM Ruby master Bug #17400: Incorrect character downcase for Greek Sigma
I have to acknowledge that I 'cut some corners'. It's essentially table 3.17 on p. 151/2 of the Unicode Standard (see... duerst (Martin Dürst)


08:50 AM Ruby master Feature #16604 (Closed): Set default for Encoding.default_external to UTF-8 on Windows
duerst (Martin Dürst)
08:50 AM Ruby master Feature #12650 (Closed): Use UTF-8 encoding for ENV on Windows
duerst (Martin Dürst)

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