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11:21 PM CommonRuby Feature #10085 (Closed): Add non-ASCII case conversion to String#upcase/downcase/swapcase/capitalize
Close way overdue, should have happened somewhere around r55281.
05:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14017: Hash.sort_by inconsistent between 2.2.6 and upper versions
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> Ruby's sort method is not stable sort.
> The documentation of `Array#sort_b...


09:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14008 (Rejected): Adding elements to array inside 2D array duplicates across all other arrays
04:31 AM Ruby trunk Misc #14000: OpenStruct with #frozen_string_literal: true
Thanks for looking at where we can use `#frozen_string_literal: true`.
I think it's good to try this, but `#frozen...


08:25 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13966: still needed ?!
kernigh (George Koehler) wrote:
> The file ext/rbconfig/sizeof/depend should contain the string ``, not ...


05:27 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12115: Add Symbol#call to allow to_proc shorthand with arguments
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag) wrote:
> > I disagree: responding to `to_proc` in Ruby mo...


10:11 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13977 (Rejected): 0 should be treated as FALSE
Anon92929 (Anon Ymous) wrote:
> 0 is false, 1 is true.
Every programming language has its own convention. For exa...
06:33 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13962: Change to https
normalperson (Eric Wong) wrote:
> Regardless of HTTPS or not; can we keep known-good
> SHA-256/384/512/whatever...
02:56 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13974 (Open): Make sure Unicode files are only downloaded once, not repeatedly, for continuous integration
People from the Unicode Consortium pointed out to me that we shouldn't repeatedly download the Unicode data files for...
02:45 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13962: Change to https
Just an intermediate report: HTTPS is available only since about a week, and the Unicode Consortium wants to check th...

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