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10:38 AM ruby-trunk Bug #1685: Some windows unicode path issues remain
On 2014/04/03 23:07, wrote:
> Issue #1685 has been updated by Thomas Thomassen.

> In Ruby 2....


06:27 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9690 (Closed): Better orror message for config.guess downloading
I recently tried to compile Ruby on a new machine and got the error below:
Trying again today, it suddenly worked,...


08:23 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9620 (Rejected): Rename "curry" to "schönfinkelize"
> Status changed from Open to Third Party's Issue
This is a discussion about the name of Proc#curry, which is buil...


07:21 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9243: DOC fix example key exchane using DH
I wanted to comment on an earlier commit related to the name "Sandor
Szücs", but was too busy, sorry.

Some peop...


06:12 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9092: Update Unicode data to Unicode Version 7.0
Unicode 6.3 came out in 2013. In 2014, Unicode 7.0 will be available, quite surely in time for a December release of ...


03:21 AM ruby-trunk misc #9438: Implementation naming
A certain amount of streamlining is certainly a good thing, but we
should be aware that people use both "CRuby" an...


04:03 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9367: REXML::XmlDecl doesn't use user specified quotes
Takashi Oguma wrote:
> Should we introduce another symbol such as :xml_doctype_quote, or change the :xml_declatati...


02:23 PM ruby-trunk misc #9215: Maintenance Policy for Future Releases (2.1.0 & beyond)
Hello Zachary,

From the comments from Yui, it looks like the policy should be split up
into an internal (for R...


08:33 PM ruby-trunk Bug #7742: System encoding (Windows-1258) is not recognized by Ruby to convert back to UTF-8
phasis68 (Heesob Park) wrote:
> As I know, VISCII(Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange) can round tr...
04:26 PM ruby-trunk Bug #7742: System encoding (Windows-1258) is not recognized by Ruby to convert back to UTF-8
thegcat (Felix Schäfer) wrote:
> =begin
> We (((<Planio|URL:>))) are also in need of Windows-1258 to...

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