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09:11 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11929: No programatic way to check ability to dup/clone an object
I clearly prefer the last proposal (fail silently).
That would make for a much more unified, streamlined protocol,...


06:53 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12846 (Rejected): delete
Osanda Jayathissa wrote:
> We can crash a computer by making it's Disk and Memory to 100% and CPU too above 50%.


06:09 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56433: * enc/windows_1254.c, test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb:
Implement non-ASCII case conversion for Windows-1254.


05:41 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4897: Define Math::TAU and BigMath.TAU. The "true" circle constant, Tau=2*Pi. See http:/...
On 2016/10/14 13:35, RRRoy BBBean wrote:

> Would such an interconnected system be packaged as a bunch of individu...


09:46 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6284: Add composition for procs
Paul Mucur wrote:
> Yukihiro Matsumoto wrote:
> > Positive about adding function composition. But we need method na...


06:58 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12829 (Closed): Compile error on cygwin (io.c)
I get the following error when trying to compile the latest version of Ruby trunk on cygwin:
Thread model: posix
06:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12828 (Closed): Check whether macro RUBY is okay for protecting ruby-specific onigumo extens...
In issue #12386, I removed the ONIG_CASE_MAPPING macro because we thought that there was no need to keep the Ruby ver...


04:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12700: regexg heredoc support
Shyouhei Urabe wrote:
> Reopened.
> Though I have never needed to write such long regexp literals inline, priva...
02:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12786: String#casecmp?
Can you describe exactly what String#casecmp? method would do? Does it only compare for equality (after case folding)...


09:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12760: Optional block argument for `itself`
Victor Shepelev wrote:
> Please-please-please, could somebody add this topic to next developer's meeting agenda?.....

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