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04:36 AM Ruby trunk Feature #8437: custom operators, unicode
Matthew Kerwin wrote:
> Neither for nor against this idea at the moment,
Same here.
> but which "math operat...


09:29 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11473: Immutable String literal in Ruby 3
Akira Tanaka wrote:
> This issue tries to solve more than performance.
> As Matsuda-san explained, it solves a so...


09:57 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11390: Allow symbols starting with numbers
Sameer Deshmukh wrote:
> But it goes against the principle of least surprise that ruby follows throughout the langua...


01:25 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11309: Iterator over string matches
What do you think looks too Perlish? Is it just the $`?
In that case, having something like $MATCH (as an alias to...


08:21 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6284: Add composition for procs
I'm teaching Haskell in a graduate class, so I'm quite familiar with function composition and use it a lot, but the o...


08:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11284 (Closed): String#upcase and String#downcase don't work for accented characters
Closing because this is being worked on (slowly) as #10085, which is already accepted.


08:51 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11032 (Closed): Add a warning for misspelling "def intialize"
This issue can be closed because this will be covered by #11252 in a much more general way.


11:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11167: Allow an attr_ variant for query-methods that end with a question mark '?' charac...
Daniel Berger wrote:
> Abandoned all hope:


10:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11094 (Closed): Remove traces of 6-byte UTF-8
UTF-8 was originally defined with a codespace up to 31 bits, and therefore with up to 6 bytes per character. Since qu...
09:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11078: 2.2 String#unicode_normalize method does not appear in generated API docs
I have assigned this bug to Eric in order to get information on how to proceed from him; assigning it back to me with...

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