Matthew Kerwin




09:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12578: Instance Variables Assigned In parameters ( ala Crystal? )
Here is some history of this proposal:
* [#5825 Sweet instance var assignment in the object initializer](https://b...


06:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12519: Expansion of modifier_if and modifier_unless
I am against.
It seems to rewrite the precedence of modifier if. I would expect it to evaluate like this:


02:20 PM Ruby trunk Feature #715: Ruby interpreter should understand UTF-8 symbols with special meaning
Jan Maurits Faber wrote:
> It's really easy to remember: to type ≥ is just alt + >, to type ≤ is alt + < and ≠ is al...


06:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12412: Extend safe navigation operator
Daniel Ferreira wrote:
> I wonder if we couldn't extend the safe navigation operator to work with any object rather ...


09:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12321: Backticks in log output cause issues
It's an old typographical convention, as you say, to indicate opening quotation marks. It is used in TeX, for instanc...


01:11 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
I don't necessarily disagree with the rest of Joan's post, but for this point:
Joan Blackmoore wrote:
> It ma...


10:03 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12263: Feature request: &&. operator (shorthand for foo && foo.method)
Robert A. Heiler wrote:
> I also have to admit that I find "x && y" easier to understand than
> "x&&.y".
But one...


01:06 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12173: `Time#till_now`
Tsuyoshi Sawada wrote:
> Matthew Kerwin wrote:
> > *till* means cash register, or to plough soil.
> That is a ...
12:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12173: `Time#till_now`
Tsuyoshi Sawada wrote:
> Matthew Kerwin wrote:
> > Please note that "till_now" is not correct spelling; it should b...


08:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12173: `Time#till_now`
This is related to (but different from) #8640, #8096

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