phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)




11:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6470: Make attr_accessor return the list of generated method
In general I support this request, but in this proposed use-case ...
> ```ruby
> attr_reader :foo
> private attr...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


03:43 AM Ruby trunk Feature #15323: [PATCH] Proposal: Add Enumerable#filter_map
tny (Tony Sunny) wrote:
> Could't we use reduce for this?
> ~~~ ruby
> (1..10).reduce([]) { |a, i| i.even? ? a << ...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


11:22 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13618: [PATCH] auto fiber schedule for rb_wait_for_single_fd and rb_waitpid
[snipping some bits, because I can only speak to what I know]

On Wed, 8 Aug 2018 at 18:50, Eric Wong <normalperso...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


02:05 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14724: chains of inequalities
shan (Shannon Skipper) wrote:
> How does this patch make things harder for experienced programmers? Reading the ...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


10:03 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14724: chains of inequalities
shan (Shannon Skipper) wrote:
> I've often seen new Rubyists try this syntax intuitively. I think this is a really n...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


04:05 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14624: #{nil} allocates a fresh empty string each time
I'm confused; are you proposing that `nil.to_s` returns the same String object every time, or that string interpolati... phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


12:22 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14611: Exotic method parameters bug
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak) wrote:
> @phluid61 not so fast, ruby allows duplicate "_" as parameters so you can say that ...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


03:11 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14611: Exotic method parameters bug
bogdan (Bogdan Gusiev) wrote:
> By some reason second parameter is nil when the rest of parameters declared as n...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


10:16 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14585: Array#each_pair
iamvery (Jay Hayes) wrote:
> Thank you all for the feedback! I agree, and I'm glad your responses matched my intuiti...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)


11:30 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14579: Hash value omission
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote:
> I'd prefer a syntax which is different than "key syntax without value", and refers t...
phluid61 (Matthew Kerwin)

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