sonots (Naotoshi Seo)





04:57 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60369 (trunk): add install-capi to make help


11:49 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60328 (trunk): * string.c: [DOC] Split rdoc of String#<< and String#concat [ci skip]
Split String#<< and String#concat docs to reflect single and multiple
patched by MSP-Greg [fix GH-1614]
11:44 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60327 (trunk): * object.c: Improve documentation of Kernel#Array
Array(arg) does more than just call to_ary or to_a on the argument.
It also falls back to returning [arg] if neither ...
11:38 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60326 (trunk): * doc/regexp.rdoc: In regexp doc, two backslashes match one literally
In the "Metacharacters and Escapes" section of regexp.rdoc, it said that
to match a backslash literally, it must be b...
11:36 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60325 (trunk): * doc/regexp.rdoc: Fix regexp doc syntax highlighting
patched by jlmuir (J. Lewis Muir) [fix GH-1678]
11:35 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60324 (trunk): * string.c: Remove errant "the" in gsub documentation
patched by jlmuir (J. Lewis Muir) [fix GH-1679]
11:32 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60323 (trunk): Fix typo in comment
* test/ruby/test_transcode.rb: fix typo in comment
patched by larskanis (Lars Kanis) [GH-1681]
02:31 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60285 (trunk): Add doxygen comments
* include/ruby/ruby.h (enum ruby_value_type): add doxygen comments
* internal.h (enum imemo_type, struct vm_svar): ad...
10:33 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60254 (trunk): * string.c (deleted_prefix_length, deleted_suffix_length):
Add doxygen comment.
07:48 AM Ruby trunk Misc #14037: Writing doxygen document comments to static functions

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