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04:16 PM Ruby trunk Bug #15045 (Open): Test suite fails/hangs with stronger cryptography enforcement
Testing in Fedora Rawhide with ```$ sudo update-crypto-policies --set NEXT``` [1] which sets a higher bar for cryptog...


07:12 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14831 (Closed): [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x0000000000000020 ruby 2.5.0p0 (2017-12-25 revision 61468) [x86_64-darwin17]
07:07 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14813: [PATCH] gc.c: make gc_enter+gc_exit pairs dtrace probes, too
Just FTR, Ruby in Fedora/RHEL has built in support for SystemTap.
Not sure what r63581 really does, but you might ...
06:39 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14718: Use jemalloc by default?
Fedora and RHEL Ruby maintainer here. Just a few remarks.
mperham (Mike Perham) wrote:
> ~~~
> Bundle jemalloc a...


08:41 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14739: Improve fiber yield/resume performance
I wonder what architectures libcoro supports? It seems it supports x86 a probably some ARM, but what about s390x and ...


10:38 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14737 (Assigned): Split default gems into separate directory structure
On Fedora, we are using operating_system.rb [1], [2] to setup various RubyGems paths. Unfortunately, if we change Gem...


12:01 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14679: StdLib gems should properly specify their dependencies
Also, if Ruby one day decides to drop JSON support for whatever reason, the RDoc won't be usable after installation, ...
11:50 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14679 (Assigned): StdLib gems should properly specify their dependencies
Could you please properly specify gem dependencies for gems included in StdLib? The current situation is unfortunate....


08:41 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14480: miniruby crashing when compiled with -O2 or -O1 on aarch64
Just forwarding one remark from RH Bugzilla [0]:
--- Comment #44 from Dave Malcolm <> ---


08:33 PM Ruby trunk Misc #14632: [ANN]
Wonderful. Thx for working on this.
Have you considered to use Pagure [1] as git fronted instead of cgit?
[1]: ...

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