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11:41 PM Ruby master Feature #13395: Add a method to check for not nil
> ```ruby
> if !object.nil?
> # Do something
> end
unless object.nil?
# Do something
darix (Marcus Rückert)


02:09 PM Ruby master Bug #13376: Symbol#hash is deterministic on 2.3
should this receive a new CVE?
should this released be soon as 2.3.4?
darix (Marcus Rückert)


12:58 PM Ruby master Bug #12421: Please backport r53816, r53817
backporting those fixes would make ruby compatible with a syntax handled by other tools. otherwise it means people ne... darix (Marcus Rückert)
11:06 AM Ruby master Bug #12689: Thread isolation of $~ and $_
That's why i would deprecate the $ variables and make people use match objects all the time.
I mean the stdlib eve...
darix (Marcus Rückert)


10:17 AM Ruby master Bug #12689: Thread isolation of $~ and $_
I wonder, if moving away from those special $ variables to explicit match objects wouldn't be a possible solution to ... darix (Marcus Rückert)


12:22 PM Ruby master Bug #12421: Please backport r53816, r53817
can we get a decision about this backport? darix (Marcus Rückert)


02:12 AM Ruby master Bug #12610: webrick: protect from httpoxy
On 2016-07-22 02:03:14 +0000, wrote:
> 0001-webrick-filter-out-HTTP_PROXY-for-CGIHandler.patc...
darix (Marcus Rückert)


10:23 AM Ruby master Misc #12532: OpenSSL is so Difficult to find for Ruby Build Scripts that it Introduces a Security flaw
you don't want to ship an intree copy of openssl.
the proper solution is that people should use their package mana...
darix (Marcus Rückert)


01:22 AM Ruby master Feature #12519: Expansion of modifier_if and modifier_unless
variable = true ? 1 : 2

isnt that short enough?
darix (Marcus Rückert)


11:26 AM Ruby master Feature #715: Ruby interpreter should understand UTF-8 symbols with special meaning
Jan Maurits Faber wrote:
> This is not simply because it would look pretty, it would reduce the cognitive load on th...
darix (Marcus Rückert)

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