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12:14 AM Ruby master Bug #10504 (Closed): Gracefully handle CSV IO file descriptor problems
This patch allows `` to more gracefully handle user error. Because the IO object is passed to the user-provid... jackdanger (Jack Danger)
12:06 AM Ruby master Feature #10503 (Open): introduce InvalidPercentEncoding error for failed URI parsing
Currently an ArgumentError is raised if a URI has an invalid percent encoding. This makes it difficult to rescue safe... jackdanger (Jack Danger)


11:34 PM Ruby master Misc #10502 (Closed): Removing obsolete prot_tag comment
The Changelog records Matz mentioning that the following comment was obsolete as of Wed Sep 17 23:41:45 2003
This ...
jackdanger (Jack Danger)


12:58 AM Ruby master Bug #8988 (Closed): [DOC] fix incorrect documentation for SizedQueue
The SizedQueue documentation was incorrect for both SizedQueue#pop and SizedQueue#num_waiting. This patch adds correc... jackdanger (Jack Danger)


03:52 PM Ruby master Feature #8773: Binding#local_variables should work like #local_variable_set and #local_variable_get
I left a typo in the description field of this issue. The very last line of code in the example should read:
jackdanger (Jack Danger)
03:21 PM Ruby master Feature #8773 (Closed): Binding#local_variables should work like #local_variable_set and #local_variable_get
With the addition of Binding#local_variable_get and Binding#local_variable_set the following seemed reasonable:
jackdanger (Jack Danger)

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