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Binding#local_variables should work like #local_variable_set and #local_variable_get

Added by jackdanger (Jack Danger) almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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With the addition of Binding#local_variable_get and Binding#local_variable_set the following seemed reasonable:

def get_all_local_variables(bind)
  lvars = bind.send(:local_variables)
  # `lvars` should equal [:x, :y], but equals [:bind, :lvars] {|name| bind.local_variable_get name }
x = 1
y = 2
get_all_local_variables(binding) # NameError: local variable `bind' not defined for #<Binding:0x0>

This is because `local_variables' is global and uses the current stack frame. That was not obvious to me. I could have just used binding.eval("local_variables") but that looked very strange when used alongside binding.local_variable_set and binding.local_variable_get.

Attached is a patch that gives Binding an instance method that properly lists the local variables defined in the binding. It now works like this:

def get_all_local_variables(bind)
  lvars = bind.local_variables
  # `lvars` equals [:x, :y] {|name| bind.local_variable_get name }
x = 1
y = 2
set_everything_but_x_to_5(binding) # => [1, 1]

Here's a GitHub link if you want to see it with colors:


0001-Allowing-binding-to-list-its-local-variables.patch (3.66 KB) 0001-Allowing-binding-to-list-its-local-variables.patch Create Binding#local_variables jackdanger (Jack Danger), 08/11/2013 03:21 PM
0001-Allowing-binding-to-list-its-local-variables.patch (3.66 KB) 0001-Allowing-binding-to-list-its-local-variables.patch Allowing binding to list its local variables [2nd upload] jackdanger (Jack Danger), 08/11/2013 03:52 PM

Updated by jackdanger (Jack Danger) almost 9 years ago

I left a typo in the description field of this issue. The very last line of code in the example should read:

get_all_local_variables(binding) #=> [1, 2]

Updated by tenderlovemaking (Aaron Patterson) almost 9 years ago

@ko1 (Koichi Sasada) do you have any thoughts about this?

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Sounds reasonable.

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This issue was solved with changeset r44392.
Jack, thank you for reporting this issue.
Your contribution to Ruby is greatly appreciated.
May Ruby be with you.

proc.c: Binding#local_variables

  • proc.c (bind_local_variables): allowing binding to list its
    local variables. patch by Jack Danger Canty at [ruby-core:56543]. [Feature #8773]

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