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12:24 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10394: An instance method on Enumerator that evaluates the block under with self being t...
It might be confusing if such a thing only exists for Enumerator blocks and nothing else.
["foo", "bar"]....


10:46 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10387 (Open): Overwriting an array variable doesn't release referenced objects
I narrowed down the following, but I'm not sure if the problem is mine or a bug:
require 'objspace'


07:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #7793: New methods on Hash
> the block for these methods should take a hash rather than an array.
Do you mean the input should be a single ar...


07:03 PM Ruby trunk Misc #10312: Give people more control over how the ruby parser sees code and lexical code element...
That sounds like heredoc syntax, which ruby already does.


11:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10308: Pipes in Ruby
Related: #10095


04:33 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10095: Object#as
This feature also looks a lot like a pipeline.
Here are some examples how people implemented that before, either u...


06:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10254: Array#each and Array#map for nested arrays
`nested_map` makes sense since there is a `flat_map`. This is similar but different:
[[[1, 2], [3, 4]], [[5, ...
06:01 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10177: Hash#has_key? and Hash#has_value? should be deprecated
+1 for `has_key?` from me.
It's more readable as natural English as pointed out earlier.
`has_key?` is more cle...


04:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10246: CSV.parse(csv_string, headers: col_headers) reports undefined method `table'
Aloha Justin,
Looks like the correct URL is here:


08:39 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10194: OpenStruct does not throw an exception when calling missing method with no arguments.
The design of OpenStruct is to allow all method calls. (It is similar to a Hash but with method access.)
You can u...

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