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05:43 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11993: foo(hash) is handled like foo(**hash)
See #11967 for Marc-Andre's explanation.


08:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #8316: Can't pass hash to first positional argument; hash interpreted as keyword arguments
Andrew Schwartz wrote:
> This is unfortunately still an issue with default values in positional arguments
See #11...
07:12 PM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Shlomo Shekelstein wrote:
> ...
Please stop: this is unprofessional. Everyone has made their points and it is don...
07:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11917: Add Range#length as an alias for size
Attached patch for consideration. I made the aliases the same as Array.
06:24 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11915: reading string starting with | executes it.
People should (hopefully) always read files with an absolute path prefix, but something like this could be surprising...
04:08 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11882: Map or NamedMap
Robert A. Heiler wrote:
> I concur with Hampton Catlin for the most part (save for the
> name "Map", that is not a ...
02:38 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11762: Array#dig can raise TypeError: no implicit conversion of Symbol/String into Integer
Yukihiro Matsumoto wrote:
> If #dig returns nil instead of exception, as you want, we cannot distinguish case 2 and ...
02:04 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11848: New #to_b method for String, Symbol, Numeric, NilClass, TrueClass and FalseClass.
I've had to do this in a few places over the years myself:
TRUTHY_VALUES = [true, 1, '1', 't', 'T', 'true', '...


06:59 PM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Lisa Beld wrote:
> I would recommend the Contributor Covenant. People complaining that it includes harassment in pub...


09:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #7314: Convert Proc to Lambda doesn't work in MRI
Use case: a stored block gets called with a "target" as first parameter, plus optional arguments. If the target objec...

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