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06:26 AM Ruby master Feature #17849: Fix Timeout.timeout so that it can be used in threaded Web servers
The handling of timeouts is [documented][1], but that only shows it with a `handle_interrupt` block set up around eve... avit (Andrew Vit)


09:34 PM Ruby master Feature #16794: Rightward operators
For symmetry, we also have `<<-` for heredocs "take this input for..."
It might make sense to think of `->>` as "g...
avit (Andrew Vit)


11:08 PM Ruby master Feature #14594: Rethink yield_self's name
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote:
> If you really wanted a non-unwrapping method for promises, use `yield_self`.
avit (Andrew Vit)


05:49 AM Ruby master Bug #14793: Hash returned from CGI.parse has [] as default value
My mistake, it looks like all CGI values are always returned as arrays:
#=> {"x"=>["y"]}
avit (Andrew Vit)
05:39 AM Ruby master Bug #14793 (Closed): Hash returned from CGI.parse has [] as default value
Is there a valid reason for this behaviour? It looks like a bug to me:
require 'cgi'
params = CGI.parse(""...
avit (Andrew Vit)


07:51 PM Ruby master Feature #14550: Support keyword arguments with Date#step
If adding keyword options, would it make sense to add the possibility to enumerate by `>>` for whole months instead o... avit (Andrew Vit)


06:15 AM Ruby master Feature #12318: Returning the evaluated value of a block
This is now implemented as `yield_self`
Close please?
avit (Andrew Vit)


06:52 PM Ruby master Feature #14112: Follow style conventions for Ruby code
Some elements of ruby style are hard to check statically because they encode semantics.
For example, I prefer to w...
avit (Andrew Vit)


12:56 AM Ruby master Feature #14022: String#surround
An alternate (short but cryptic) way:
str = "one\ntwo"
str.gsub(/^.*/m, '<\0>')
- gsub! can do it de...
avit (Andrew Vit)


10:35 AM Ruby master Feature #5964: Make Symbols an Alternate Syntax for Strings
My only point was that symbols are not meant to be operated on the same as strings, because they do serve different p... avit (Andrew Vit)

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