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04:20 AM Ruby master Bug #18075 (Closed): Crasher using ripper + yydebug
`method `inspect' called on unexpected T_NODE object` via the following with `-d` (see output at end):
zenspider (Ryan Davis)


08:10 AM Ruby master Bug #16760 (Closed): backport #67305 / e39f7e64 to 2.6?
zenspider (Ryan Davis)


07:40 PM Ruby master Bug #16145 (Open): regexp match error if mixing /i, character classes, and utf8
(reported on behalf of -- there appears to be an error in registration or login):
See: ruby-talk @ ...
zenspider (Ryan Davis)


11:15 PM Ruby master Bug #14089 (Closed): Configure/build issue on OSX 10.12 w/ utimensat
For other reasons I recently installed xcode (instead of JUST using the command line developer tools). This caused bu... zenspider (Ryan Davis)


02:38 AM Ruby master Feature #5481: Gemifying Ruby standard library
Hi hi... if you all want a meta-gem that you can version along with your releases and have it point to all the origin... zenspider (Ryan Davis)


05:14 AM Ruby master Bug #13578: Another iseq_set_sequence: adjust bug
Thank you. While your test code does NOT repro under 2.4.1p111, it does under trunk. I've verified that this and my o... zenspider (Ryan Davis)


09:34 AM Ruby master Bug #13578: Another iseq_set_sequence: adjust bug
Further reduced via IRC:
~~~ ruby
def process_defn
if false
case 42
when s {} then
when 42 then...
zenspider (Ryan Davis)
09:06 AM Ruby master Bug #13578 (Closed): Another iseq_set_sequence: adjust bug
This seems to be related to #12613
~~~ ruby
#!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
def process_defn
if true then
# not...
zenspider (Ryan Davis)


11:23 PM Ruby master Feature #13153: Inconsistent sprintf formatting for 0 value
FWIW, this is the exact same behavior in C since we're just calling through to `snprintf` for these format specifiers... zenspider (Ryan Davis)


06:08 AM Ruby master Bug #13102: Confusing method name: Set#delete?
Compare to regular delete, which alwa...
zenspider (Ryan Davis)

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