Eamonn Webster


Reported issues: 2


10:00 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9123: Make Numeric#nonzero? behavior consistent with Numeric#zero?
Ever asked someone 'Do you know the time?' and they answer 'Yes'. So you ask 'What time is it?' and mutter 'Jerk!' un...


09:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9051 (Closed): open-uri meta_add_field method removed
In the fix for bug #4964 the method Meta#meta_add_field(name, value) was removed and replaced with meta_add_field2(na...


09:36 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9040 (Closed): Readline duplicate file descriptors but doesn't close them
This depends on the max open files limit, happens quicker the lower the limit.
irb crashes just by holding down retu...

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