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Reported issues: 55


03:48 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50368: * test/ruby/test_object.rb: add tests for Kernel#String and Kernel#Array.
[fix GH-879][fix GH-880] Patch by @yui-knk


09:59 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50079: * complex.c (k_exact_one_p): remove unused macro k_exact_one_p.
09:59 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50078: * complex.c (k_inexact_p, k_exact_zero_p): use k_exact_zero_p macro
to remove k_inexact_p macro.


12:32 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50043: complex.c: [DOC] mention about Complex literal.


08:39 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49979: * math.c (math_log1, math_log2, math_log10): refactoring
and tests for this.


05:53 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49976: * test/ruby/test_lambda.rb: Fix typo yeild -> yield
[fix GH-851][ci skip] Patch by @hanachin
05:52 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49974: * test/ruby/test_proc.rb: Fix typo signle -> single
[fix GH-852][ci skip] Patch by @hanachin
11:49 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49973: * math.c (math_cbrt): [DOC] Fix domain and codomain.
11:29 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10896 (Closed): First example in the documentation for URI::join shows incorrect result
It was solved with [49728](http://svn.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi?view=revision&revision=49728). thanks.
08:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10974 (Open): [PATCH] Remove methods with `!`(sin!, cos!…) from CMath
Hi, now I’d like to remove methods with `!`( `sin!`, `cos!`…) from `CMath`, for the following reasons.
* wanna kee...

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